George W. Bush once famously said, “Our enemies never stop thinking of new ways to harm our people, and neither do we.” We at Liverpool Antifascists have no desire whatsoever to harm our people. But when it comes to harming Fascism we throw everything at the enemy that we can possibly muster; cow pats, … Continue reading

Special Report From Hungary, far-right party spreads ideology, tactics

Robert Winnicki

  Ruch Narodowy’s leader Robert Winnicki poses for a picture at an office in Warsaw (KACPER PEMPEL, REUTERS / April 9, 2014)  WARSAW (Reuters) – In a rented public hall not far from Poland’s parliament, about 150 people gathered one afternoon late last year to hear speeches by a collection of far-right leaders from around … Continue reading

Is Ukip a party of bigots? Let’s look at the evidence. Their manifesto might just look like a list of things that annoy people, but party members hold some views that should concern us, says Alex Andreou.

UKIP Indian Reservation leaflet

Nigel Farage. Photograph: Getty Images The danger with extremism is that, when filtered through eyes and minds of reasonable people, it appears ridiculous. The reasonable assumption is that others will view it through the same filter and find it equally ridiculous. But, while The Reasonable laugh, support for extremist views creeps up. Because what The … Continue reading

Police to screen EDL rally footage on Crimewatch in fresh appeal to trace 100 thugs


Smoke bombs, cobble stones, bottles and coins were hurled at police as the EDL and their opponents descended on Birmingham city centre for simultaneous demonstrations. EDL rally and the anti-EDL protest in Birmingham Police are to make a fresh appeal to identify up to 100 demonstrators involved in bloody clashes at an English Defence League … Continue reading

BNP’s Nick Griffin declares bankruptcy: Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party, has declared bankruptcy but says that it will not prevent him serving as an MEP

Nick Griffin Looking Skint

Nick Griffin, the BNP leader. Photo: DAVID ROSE Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party, has been declared   bankrupt. The MEP appeared at Welshpool County Court this week and declared himself bankrupt. There was initially speculation that his bankruptcy would disqualify Mr Griffin from sitting as an MEP. However, a rule change means that bankruptcy no … Continue reading

Charlene Downes: does the BNP really want justice?

Margaret Walker Leaflet

The British National Party is claiming credit for the announcement that the police are to launch a new enquiry into the death of Charlene Downes, who disappeared without trace in Blackpool on 1 November 2003, aged 14. But it is not a police investigation that the BNP really wants. The BNP has already decided that … Continue reading

March against fascism Liverpool 12 October. Don’t let the haters win – join the march against fascism

March Against fascism

Editorial. Apologies for the late posting of this but Marmite has been away on a rare weekend of hedonistic fun. In any event, we at Liverpool Anti-fascists are delighted to reproduce this statement from Unite, with details of this Saturday’s big march. All we wish to add is that we in the North West don’t need … Continue reading

Right-wing thugs locked up after Liverpool city centre attack. Trouble spread to Bold Street bar after gang set upon anti-fascists heading to a fundraising gig

Bold St Uglies

Far-right thugs attack in Bold Street Seven right-wing thugs who attacked a Liverpool City Centre anti-fascist meeting were jailed after admitting charges of violent disorder. The men, who were either members of or associated with groups including the National Front, the English Defence League or North West Infidels punched and kicked people heading for a … Continue reading

So David Irving’s Back in Town. Nazi “Historian” Totes His New Book Around Britain. Will There Be Any Takers?

David Irving

Here at Liveraf we pride ourselves at being first in with the news. So every antenna in the group was twitching when we heard a rumour that a cross between an odious toad and the monster from the black lagoon had been seen stirring in the darkest drains of deepest London. We didn’t find the … Continue reading

Revealed At Last, The Criminals of the English Defence League

EDL Supporters Out In Force

Last week a list of EDL supporters, along with their criminal convictions, appeared on the Internet. Since then, either Marmite can’t see what’s under his nose, or the list has disappeared. Whatever. We reproduce it here, albeit in a rather more digestible form, and for the delectation of home buyers everywhere. Well, bearing in mind that … Continue reading