‘Whites only’ foodbank launched by the BNP

The BNP has been accused of launching ‘whites only’ foodbanks in a bid to win election votes. The party has been practically falling apart at the seams over the last year or so, after their usual tactic of blaming the world’s problems on minorities and immigrants failed to win them enough votes. So in an … Continue reading

Have these protesters been criminalised, despite the case against them being dismissed?

BNP Hate Preachers 2

Five anti-fascists arrested in 2013 have been vindicated – but the police tactics employed have put wider civil liberties at risk ‘This trial is one facet of a wider set of police tactics being deployed to deter protest and manufacture threats to public order.’ Photograph: Peter Marshall/Demotix/Corbis On Monday the trial of five anti-fascists facing … Continue reading

Farage could face investigation into EU expenses. A former senior Ukip official has filed a formal complaint about Mr Farage to the EU anti-fraud office OLAF

Farage's Halloween Mask

UKIP leader Nigel Farage Photo: Getty Images Nigel Farage could face an expenses inquiry into allegations concerning £60,000 of “missing” European Union funds paid into his personal bank account. The Ukip leader has received £15,500 a year from the EU since at least 2009 to pay for the upkeep of his constituency office, a small converted … Continue reading


  George W. Bush once famously said, “Our enemies never stop thinking of new ways to harm our people, and neither do we.” We at Liverpool Antifascists have no desire whatsoever to harm our people. But when it comes to harming Fascism we throw everything at the enemy that we can possibly muster; cow pats, … Continue reading

MoD condemns ‘immoral’ BNP for exploiting brutal murder of Lee Rigby in campaign video

BNP Gallows

The brutal murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby is being exploited by the British National Party in a bid to win support ahead of next month’s European elections, The Independent can reveal. A BNP campaign video which plays on the death of the young soldier has been condemned as “immoral” by the Ministry of Defence and … Continue reading

UKIP faces ban from elite gentlemen’s club after members are caught up in ‘drunken fracas’ Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2597910/UKIP-faces-ban-elite-gentlemens-club-members-caught-drunken-fracas.html#ixzz2y6XMkOdc Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook


Members of Reform Club in London’s Pall Mall are demanding UKIP ban It follows a ‘drunken fracas’ which saw two guests ‘restrained by staff’ The ‘chaos’ is believed to have occurred when Nigel Farage arrived at club Reform spokesman said: ‘The club does not comment on its own affairs’ Members of a historic gentlemen’s club … Continue reading

Nigel Farage uses private company to reduce tax bill. Ukip leader diverts money from media appearances and lectures into a firm called Thorn In The Side Ltd

Tax dodging Nige

Nigel Farage is using a private company to reduce his tax bill on his media appearances, it has emerged. The Ukip leader diverts money from appearances in the media and on the lecture circuit into a firm called Thorn In The Side Ltd. It means that last year he paid only 20% corporation tax on … Continue reading

Is Ukip a party of bigots? Let’s look at the evidence. Their manifesto might just look like a list of things that annoy people, but party members hold some views that should concern us, says Alex Andreou.

UKIP Indian Reservation leaflet

Nigel Farage. Photograph: Getty Images The danger with extremism is that, when filtered through eyes and minds of reasonable people, it appears ridiculous. The reasonable assumption is that others will view it through the same filter and find it equally ridiculous. But, while The Reasonable laugh, support for extremist views creeps up. Because what The … Continue reading

BNP accused of using ‘food bank’ handouts to win support

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British National Party activists are going door to door with mobile food banks in a bid to win support ahead of the local and European elections, The Independent can reveal. The far-right party has even produced a YouTube instruction video to teach volunteers how to build trust with voters in deprived areas by offering soup, … Continue reading

Nigel Farage has a ‘violent temper’ claims female MEP. Nikki Sinclaire, a former Ukip MEP, claims Nigel Farage threatened her with his fist during an outburst


Nikki Sinclaire, who left Mr Farage’s party and now sits as an independent, claimed the Ukip leader has a “violent temper” Photo: GETTY IMAGES A former Ukip MEP claims Nigel Farage left her trembling after putting his fist in front of her face during a furious outburst. Nikki Sinclaire, who left Mr Farage’s party and now … Continue reading