Britain first Fight Club

Spite club: Race-hate group who target Muslims organise street fighting sessions to train recruits

ANTI-RACISM activists claim Scots rabble-rouser Jim Dowson’s Britain First organisation are training boot boys to fight Muslims on the streets.   Jim Dowson A FAR-RIGHT group led by a notorious Scots rabble-rouser are promoting sinister “fight clubs” for their followers. And anti-racism activists claim Jim Dowson’s Britain First organisation are training boot boys to fight … Continue reading

NUJ vows journalists won’t be scared off by ‘outrageous’ Britain First threats against media

Threats: The NUJ urged members to record evidence of intimidation The NUJ has described a pledge from far-right group Britain First to carry out ‘direct action operations’ against journalists as “outrageous”. The union spoke out after Britain First issued a press release threatening consequences for journalists and media organisations it perceives to have been “caught … Continue reading

Britain First Freaks

Britain First: The violent new face of British fascism

    Britain First: A paramilitary organisation. Their Facebook page has almost half a million likes, with up to two million people a day engaging with their ‘patriotic’ pictures of soldiers, little children and Union Jacks. However, behind the social media facade lies a small but dangerous group of religious fundamentalists intent on starting a … Continue reading

National Action

Fascist leader leaves Warwick

A student who has been identified as the leader of a fascist group is to withdraw from the University of Warwick. The student was identified as 19-year-old Alex Davies, a first-year Philosophy undergraduate, in an article published by the Sunday Mirror on June 7. Mr Davies is one of the leaders of the National Action movement, an … Continue reading

Nigel Farage 2

National Front Breakaway Member Joins Nigel Farage’s ‘People’s Army’ In New European Parliament Grouping

Ukip has formed a new grouping in the European Parliament, including an MEP elected as a member of France’s far-right Front National – which Nigel Farage insisted would never happen. The Ukip leader said the Europe of Freedom and Democracy (EFD) group would be the new “people’s voice” in the European Parliament. MEPs from seven … Continue reading

Roma defy EDL (and Home Office)

Even as Roma speakers addressed an audience at the Unite Against Fascism conference in London at the weekend on the rising frequency of attacks by neo-Nazi groups across Europe, the English Defence League were gathering in a menacing crowd outside the TUC HQ. European Roma Network (ERN) delegate Michael Daduc and Roma London chair Toma … Continue reading

Muslim leaders demand action over fascist mosque invasions

MUSLIM leaders urged the police to take action yesterday amid a rising tide of fascist “mosque invasions.” Senior members of Luton’s Islamic congregation warned that far-right group Britain First’s inflammatory tactics were provoking younger Muslims and could end in deaths. The fascist party posted a video of leader Paul Golding — a former British National … Continue reading

Gypsy Caravan

Police accused of ‘institutional racism’ towards Romanies

Inquiry launched after Gypsy officer says he was subjected to years of racial abuse One of Britain’s largest police forces has launched a review into how it deals with Gypsies, Roma and Travellers after being accused of institutional racism by one of its own officers. Thames Valley Police said yesterday that it had reached a … Continue reading

Victoria Ayling

UKIP councillor accused of racism for ‘send the lot back’ video chosen to stand for party in target seat of Great Grimsby

Victoria Ayling, who defected from the Tories, to stand in Lincolnshire Contested the seat for the Conservatives in 2010 before joining UKIP Video emerged last year in which she discussed immigration Insists she stands by remarks, including declaring ‘multiculturalism is dead’ A UKIP politician who said she wanted to send immigrants back home is set … Continue reading

So That's Where My Bedsheets Went

Ku Klux Klan Faction Predicts American Government Is On The Brink Of Collapse As They Train For ‘Race War’

A group of Ku Klux Klan members says it is planning military style combat training for the first time in KKK history – exactly 60 years after the birth of the African-American Civil Rights Movement. The Loyal White Knights (LWK) faction plan to take up arms for a civil war they say will break out … Continue reading