Antisemitism on rise in UK: Belfast synagogue windows smashed, racist posters, Hitler chants and smashed-up gravestones

Belfast Synagogue

A window was smashed at the synagogue in north Belfast earlier this month Incidents of antisemitism in Britain rose by more than a third in the first six months of this year, indicating rising hate crime against Jews prior to the current conflict in Gaza and Israel, according to new figures. The Community Security Trust … Continue reading

Courageous bus passenger praised for speaking out against ‘racist rant’

A BRAVE bus passenger who challenged a woman’s drunken, racist rant was attacked and spat on, Newbury magistrates have been told. Afterwards, fellow Thatcham travellers praised victim Christine Dare’s courageous stand. Miss Dare later told police: “I had to act. It was too much to ignore.” In the dock on Thursday, July 10, was 35-year-old … Continue reading

Britain First group stoops to new low by badgering old man at mosque

Britain First Thugs

Britain First group stoops to new low by badgering old man at mosque   If you had a Muslim group invading churches across the UK – how do you think the authorities would react? If Muslim thugs were storming in to and filming in synagogues disregarding all religious etiquette – how would the mainstream press … Continue reading

Loyalist Jim Dowson builds ‘evangelical army’ for ‘holy war’

Britain First Freaks

A Britain First Rally Firebrand loyalist Jim Dowson is building an “evangelical army” in preparation for a “holy war” between Christians and Muslims – and he’s styling it on the UVF. According to a shock report the convicted former BNP moneyman has even been organising so-called ‘fight clubs’ across the UK as he prepares his … Continue reading

Muslim leaders demand action over fascist mosque invasions

MUSLIM leaders urged the police to take action yesterday amid a rising tide of fascist “mosque invasions.” Senior members of Luton’s Islamic congregation warned that far-right group Britain First’s inflammatory tactics were provoking younger Muslims and could end in deaths. The fascist party posted a video of leader Paul Golding — a former British National … Continue reading

Exposed: Scottish BNP No.2 unmasked as man behind Britain First Defence Force’s sickening invasion of mosques

Britain First Yobs

BRITAIN FIRST’S Scottish EU parliamentary candidate has been exposed as the hatemonger behind his far-right party’s ‘Christian Crusade’ against mosques in the UK. Dowson, far right, and a group of other flag protesters mimic Muslim clothing as they arrive at Belfast Magistrates’ Court A SCOTS extremist is the man behind the sickening invasion of mosques … Continue reading

BNP splinter group Britain First ‘invades’ mosques and hands out Bibles

Paul Golding

A FAR-RIGHT splinter group has been slammed after accosting Muslims and storming into mosques trying to hand out Bibles and anti-grooming leaflets. DOOR-STEPPING: Britain First leader Paul Golding wants to carry out more ‘invasions’ of mosques and Islamic schools [FACEBOOK] Britain First extremists staged the protests outside 10 mosques on Saturday.The group then posted images … Continue reading

UKIP election candidate suspended over anti-Islamic and homophobic Twitter rants

Harry Perry

Harry Perry, who was due to stand for the party in Offerton, could still be elected as an independent councillor in the May 22 local election Harry Perry A UKIP candidate has been suspended from the party after the M.E.N exposed a torrent of ‘dangerous and divisive’ anti-Islamic and homophobic rants he had posted on … Continue reading

BNP Election Broadcast Featuring Muslim ‘Gangs’ Fails To Go Ahead On BBC

BNP Election Broadcast

The BBC did not show a vile BNP cartoon featuring leering Muslim gangs as its party political broadcast, after the party deciding to submit a somewhat hurried substitute of a bloke talking in a room for four minutes. The corporation said on Wednesday that contrary to the BNP’s claims of “censorship”, it did not actually … Continue reading

Woman’s suicide sparks hate fest on Official EDL Facebook Page. The apparent suicide of a woman in West Yorkshire supermarket has brought out the worst in a number of EDL supporters who are celebrating her death.

Birmingham hate filled racist, Paula Donnelly They were commenting on a Daily Mail story which identified the woman only as being of “Asian appearance” and aged between 20-40 years. Her faith was not even hinted at. She has since been named as Sobia Yousef, 36, who is reported to have recently lost her daughter to … Continue reading