Britain First releases ‘Taliban Hunting Club’ hoodie ‘just in time for Christmas’


 The sweatshirt is the latest garment promoting the far-right group The far-right group Britain First has released a new hoodie “just in time for Christmas”. Dubbed the “Taliban Hunting Club” hoodie, the sweater is aimed at those wishing to “display [their] patriotism in a simple yet effective way”. The “limited edition” black garment features the … Continue reading

Britain First founder quits over mosque invasions which attract ”racists and extremists”

Britain First

 Former church minister and British National Party member Jim Dowson told the Mirror the raids are “provocative and counterproductive” Masked guard: Britain First members at meeting The founder of ultra-right Britain First has quit the group over its “unchristian” paramilitary-style “mosque invasions”. Former church minister and British National Party member Jim Dowson told the Mirror … Continue reading

Loyalist Jim Dowson builds ‘evangelical army’ for ‘holy war’

Britain First Freaks

A Britain First Rally Firebrand loyalist Jim Dowson is building an “evangelical army” in preparation for a “holy war” between Christians and Muslims – and he’s styling it on the UVF. According to a shock report the convicted former BNP moneyman has even been organising so-called ‘fight clubs’ across the UK as he prepares his … Continue reading

Spite club: Race-hate group who target Muslims organise street fighting sessions to train recruits

Britain first Fight Club

ANTI-RACISM activists claim Scots rabble-rouser Jim Dowson’s Britain First organisation are training boot boys to fight Muslims on the streets.   Jim Dowson A FAR-RIGHT group led by a notorious Scots rabble-rouser are promoting sinister “fight clubs” for their followers. And anti-racism activists claim Jim Dowson’s Britain First organisation are training boot boys to fight … Continue reading

Britain First: The violent new face of British fascism

Britain First Freaks

    Britain First: A paramilitary organisation. Their Facebook page has almost half a million likes, with up to two million people a day engaging with their ‘patriotic’ pictures of soldiers, little children and Union Jacks. However, behind the social media facade lies a small but dangerous group of religious fundamentalists intent on starting a … Continue reading

Exposed: Scottish BNP No.2 unmasked as man behind Britain First Defence Force’s sickening invasion of mosques

Britain First Yobs

BRITAIN FIRST’S Scottish EU parliamentary candidate has been exposed as the hatemonger behind his far-right party’s ‘Christian Crusade’ against mosques in the UK. Dowson, far right, and a group of other flag protesters mimic Muslim clothing as they arrive at Belfast Magistrates’ Court A SCOTS extremist is the man behind the sickening invasion of mosques … Continue reading

Far right extremist group Britain First threatens to arrest Islamist cleric Anjem Choudary

The creator of a far right extremist group that has promised to ‘arrest’ Islamist cleric Anjem Choudary by 6pm tomorrow if the Met police do not is a Belfast-based anti-abortion militant with close links to paramilitary groups. Jim Dowson founded Britain First in 2011 as a rival to the British National Party after several senior … Continue reading

Britain First (BF) is the brainchild of James Dowson, the man who was once dubbed ‘the person who owned the BNP’.

A shadowy figure in the world of evangelical Protestantism and anti-abortion activity, Dowson made contact with the BNP in 2007 offering his services as a man with a record of get-rich-quick schemes. Originally from Scotland, he’d set himself up in Belfast, Northern Ireland where he took a keen advantage of religious fervour. Dowson’s anti-abortion activities … Continue reading

Sacked BNP worker awarded damages for wrongful dismissal

  Marion Thomas A former British National Party worker has been awarded over £2,500 for wrongful dismissal by the right-wing party last year. Marion Thomas worked in the party’s east Belfast office for over a year. BNP leader Nick Griffin was named as the respondent in the case as the employment panel unanimously decided to … Continue reading

Far-right BNP were £275k in debt, office worker tells tribunal

A FINANCE worker has revealed that BNP bosses were £275,000 in debt – despite raking in millions from donors. Administrator Marion Thomas, who organised the party’s fundraising centre in Northern Ireland, has also told of bitter in-fighting among factions of the far-right rabble. Thomas, from Possil, Glasgow, made the claims during an employment tribunal hearing … Continue reading