‘Whites only’ foodbank launched by the BNP

The BNP has been accused of launching ‘whites only’ foodbanks in a bid to win election votes. The party has been practically falling apart at the seams over the last year or so, after their usual tactic of blaming the world’s problems on minorities and immigrants failed to win them enough votes. So in an … Continue reading

Housing, Racism And The Far-Right

In the fourth part of his features mini-series GLYN ROBBINS examines how the BNP has scapegoated and terrorised minorities for ‘creating’ housing shortages In September 1993 the neofascist British National Party (BNP) won its first election when Derek Beacon was elected as a local councillor on the Isle of Dogs in Tower Hamlets. The BNP … Continue reading

Our struggle against racism

 A DAY of action against racism has been called for across Europe on March 22 to coincide with the marking of UN Anti-Racism Day in 2014, with eyes on the European elections in May. Already in most European countries parties of the Right, Centre and even the traditional Left are allowing the terrain of these … Continue reading

Inside UKIP’s spring conference: Racist jokes, boozed-up delegates and champagne boasts on board £1m yacht

UKIP Hooray Henrys

UKIP’s Spring Conference Leader Nigel Farage clapped as a comic took swipes at Indians, Muslims and  Poles – and a rising political star told Sunday Mirror reporters Essex was “full  of Arabs” Nigel Farage and hundreds of his UKIP supporters roared with laughter – as a  comic cracked a string of offensive jokes about foreigners. … Continue reading

Ukip Councillor Peter Lagoda Admits To £25,000 Benefit Fraud After ‘Racist Language’ Fury

Peter Lagoda

Ukip councillor Peter Lagoda has admitted to fiddling nearly £25,000 through benefits fraud just days after coming under pressure to be booted out of the party for using “deeply offensive” language during a fire station visit. Cambridgeshire councillor Peter Lagoda and his wife Maria pleaded guilty to benefits fraud at the start of their trial … Continue reading

BNP men share a dual but different sickness

Imrie: Sex  tourist and racist wants to lend a  helping hand Many, many people in the UK and across the world have donated to the disaster appeal to bring some relief to the people devastated by Typhoon Haiyan that brought death and destruction to the Philippines last week. Even in times of domestic hardship, Britons … Continue reading

Surrey Police Forced To Apologise After Posting ‘Racist’ Tweet

Guildford Police

Surrey Police have been forced to apologise after furious social media users flew into a frenzy over a “racist” tweet. Police were left red-faced after they posted a Tweet with the words “Officers 1 Immigrants 0″ which was branded “disgraceful and ignorant.” The message, from the official GuildfordBeat account was hashtagged #WeWillCatchUpWithYou. The tweet was … Continue reading

Let Us End the Myth of Islamic-Only Terrorism

One of the biggest far-right terrorist campaigns to hit the UK came not from the English Defence League or British National Party, but the machinations of a Ukrainian student. However, his hatred of the ‘non-white’ and Muslims is a thread he shares with both groups. Pavlo Lapshyn’s brilliance in engineering had earned him work experience … Continue reading

UKIP Proscribes Hope Not Hate. Thinks; Is This a farce Or A Farrago ?

Editorial. You might have trouble believing this, but Marmite has just received an email informing me that UKIP have voted at their annual conference to ban members of Hope Not Hate from joining them. The full text of HnH’s email is below. However, whilst pondering the implications this pathetic move holds for free speech, you might want to wonder … Continue reading

Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom shrugs off condemnation after demanding that Britain stops sending money to ‘Bongo Bongo Land’

Godfrey Bloom

 But Godfrey Bloom shrugs off criticism saying his remarks would ‘probably double my vote in the north of England’    Godfrey Bloom A Ukip MEP caught on camera demanding Britain stop sending money to “Bongo Bongo Land” has shrugged off condemnation and said it would “probably double my vote in the north of England”. Godfrey … Continue reading