The thugs, “super-activists,” and confrontational street tactics of Merseyside BNP

Since the previous post detailing today’s events at the Crown Court, Merseyside BNP have responded with their own account. It is a laughably illiterate and nonsensical “report” riddled with idiotic fabrications. Normally, such nonsense as appears there wouldn’t merit comment. However, it does provide an excuse to provide a more in-depth report and further images of the day.

Peter Tierney (appropriately, far right) with unidientified but recognisable familiar members of the party faithful.

Merseyside BNP claim that “Peter [was] appearing on what we know is a false charge of “ABH accusations” [sic] instigated by fantastical accusations [sic] made by the Labour Party sponsored UAF paramilitary terrorist organisation.” Aside from the painful phrasing and the matter that there is, at the time of writing, no Unite Against Fascism organisation in Liverpool, this statement is riddled with falsehoods. Magistrates court hearings against the antifascist accused by Tierney exposed the fact that claims of self-defence against “a hate-filled mob of Communist UAF thugs” were a pack of lies. Assault charges were dropped months before, and on the day criminal damage was thrown out as utterly ridiculous. Only a breach of Section 5 of the Public Order Act was upheld, the same “crime” of swearing in public for which BNP activist Steve Greenhalgh was threatened with arrest when gobbing off to a police officer today.

As such, only the charge of assault committed by Tierney retains any merit. Especially given his tendency towards confrontational street politics.

Speaking of which, check out the video below. It shows Andrew Tierney, brother of the accused, filming an antifascist leafleter and passers-by in a pitiful attempt at intimidation before police reacted to complaints by members of the public;

"Freelance photographer" Andrew Tierney

This was only one of several warnings by police to Andrew, who continually failed to respond. Later on, he reacted angrilly to a leafleter stopping to reminisce with a passing lawyer whom he happened to know. When Andrew approached and growled “that’s my brother he’s badmouthing,” he was told to butt-out of a private conversation. Failing to process this, Andrew continued whittering until the lawyer added to the list of passers-by complaining about the actions of this roving goon.

Merseyside BNP, however, had a somewhat different take. According to their story, the lawyer tried to “get the photographer arrested” and “the police moved in and moved the freelance photographer on.” How only ever working for a party you’re a member of and your brother is a prominent “super-activist” for makes you “freelance,” we’ll never know.

At any rate, we are to believe that this is “deeply troubling and an affront to the legal profession and its impartiality.” Err, no, it’s an individual getting ticked off at a fascist goon interrupting (and filming) his private conversation. Like the issue of Andrew Tierney’s “freelance” status, where this translates into “a solicitors firm appears to have sympathies with a highly violent and Labour party sponsored paramilitary terror group” is a mystery. Even aside from the fact that the supposed “paramilitary terror group” of UAF has no Liverpool presence.

The BNP, however, do. And the Tierneys are far from its only violent elements. Take this photo from our previous post;

Here, as Andrew Tierney argues with a police officer in the background, we see a gaggle of boneheads congregating and mulling over such witty one-liners as “tit” and “red scum.” The skinhead on the left is Liam Pinkham, 21, whose previous “antics” include threatening to burn down the News from Nowhere bookshop on Bold Street. He is also affiliated to the British Freedom Fighters (BFF), and was arrested with three others at the BNP’s European election victory rally in Blackpool in June and was charged with racially aggravated intentional harassment.

He can be seen seig heiling during a lark in the woods* with fellow Nazi boneheads;

BNP supporter, Liam Pinkham (giving Nazi salute, right) and armed Nazi friends. Taken from the  ‘Eric the Fish’ blog (10/12/09)

Liam Pinkham with armed Nazi friends. Hat tip to Eric the Fish.

Good to know that the BNP truly have shaken off their old ways, eh?

This combination of farcical street-level tactics and violent neo-Nazi tendencies is yet another reason why there should be no platform for these thugs on our streets.

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  1. Rik says:

    Hey! Theyre using the union jack and the English flag again!! There should be a law against its improper use. I mean most brits are too scared to fly the flag (which last I checked signified unity) as they might be mistook for those idiots.

    They took our flags! They should give it back and use the swastikka thingy like they really want to.

    I realise this is hardly an intellectual note, but I feel its a damn valid one!

    Good site!

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