The EDL Issue Terror Threats To Taxi Drivers

Stooping to new fascist lows, the police and private hire companies have revealed how the paramilitary masked neo nazi thugs of the EDL issued racist death threats to taxi drivers throughout the Stoke district on the day of the EDL meeting, copying tactics used by loyalist paramilitaries in Belfast during the troubles, when Catholic taxi drivers were murdered by loyalist gangs for their religion.

Today, it has been revealed the worrying news that besides invading British town centres looking for fights under the premise of “opposing Islamic extremism”, the EDL have they themselves adopted terrorist tactics similar to the ones used by Northern Ireland terror groups during The Troubles, as the football hooligan gangs of the EDL consolidate their racism.

Taxi drivers have had to take evasive steps many times in Belfast and other parts of Northern Ireland to avoid lynchings or murder, however never before have virtually all the taxi companies in a large British city been warned keep off the streets. This terrifying development shows the sickening depths the violent drunken fascists of the British Far Right have sunk to, in their campaign of violence and fear that the authorities have done precious little to stop.

Most of Stoke’s large private hire car companies suspended service in and around the city centre on Saturday night after verbal threats aimed at their drivers by groups of right-wing extremists, and the threat of racial violence was so extreme, that the police gave out safety advice to the companies and their drivers of the risks to their lives if they went about their normal everyday business.

Approaching Holocaust Memorial, Day, in a chilling reminder of life in Nazi Germany when Adolf Hitler’s blackshirted thugs, an army of ordinary everyday racists (also known as the National Security Volunteer Militia) carried out Kristallnacht (Night of The Broken Glass, the anti-Jewish pogrom in Nazi Germany which paved the way for the Holocaust to happen), targetting Jewish businesses with violence, once the EDL’s phoney speeches had ended, and the EDL crowds were left to their own devices, more than 500 of the EDL’s most violent thugs remained behind, engaging in running battles with the police while smashing windows of Asian-owned businesses, while others made sickening death threats to Asian taxi drivers.

The taxi companies were threatened with violence and murder against any Asian drivers who drove around the streets of Stoke, who were suspected of being Muslim.

One of the companies targeted was Auto Cab Private Hire, working out of Normacot. They received many threatening calls over the phone, and after consulting with the local constabulary, the company manager Mr Basharat Hussein agreed to take his cars off the road to protect his drivers and passegners from violent assaults from violent Neo Nazi thugs.

City Centre Private Hire Company suspended service after a call from a sergeant at Tunstall police station warning them not to go out, and that work in Cobridge, a district with a notable amount of racist BNP supporters, was also dangerous. Other firms which ceased operating over the weekend as a result of death threats and police advice included Magnum Cars in Burslem and Lucky Seven of Longton.

Shops and stores in the city centre closed early as lack of trade made it the worst day many of them had ever had, some reporting takings down as much as 90%, and market stalls packed up just after lunchtime when the EDL thugs started to invade Stoke. Several policemen and women were injured by EDL nazis, but it was the death threats against Stoke’s Asian taxi drivers which was the most concerning factor about the EDL’s presence in Stoke.

In previous cities where the EDL have met, the organisation’s Goebels (Trevor Kelway) categorically blamed violence upon the shoulders of antiracist protestors, particularly Unite Against Fascism, claiming that if the UAF failed to turn up, there would be no problems at all.

In Stoke, many anti-racist campaigners were cautious to turn up in sizeable numbers because of the area’s far right pedigree (the antiracist demonstrators according to the BBC, outnumbered three to one, and the numbers of police were far less than in Nottingham and West Yorkshire), meaning the EDL were given a free reign to do what they pleased, which resulted in injuries for the police criminal damage, and worst of all, sporadic mini-riots in the multicultural outskirts of the city centre.

The EDL do not need the UAF to wreak havoc in the towns and cities of England. The EDL are plain and simple a gang of drunken racist thugs who will stop at nothing to beat up Asian people, socialists and anarchists. Amongst the worst offenders are the Lincoln LTE gang led by Combat18 thugs from Lincoln Loyal, and the Oldham branch of the EDL whose Oldham FC supporting members are most racist and fanatical, and some of whom are veterans of the oldham riots nine years ago.

Oldham EDL do not give a damn about Sharia Law or upholding the memory of British soldiers who died in Afganistan. Oldham’s football nazis are only in it for the “P*ki bashing” as they call it, as is BNP supporter and EDL co-founder Jeff Marsh who when chased into a Stoke park by the police, cried “BNP, BNP, BNP!!!” continually, before leading a sickening chant of “Paki loving bastards” at the police for stopping them from murdering Asian people.

The EDL might well be considering becoming a registered political party to distance themselves from the football thuggery they encouraged by their complicity, however at the moment, as several commentators have already pointed out, they could be banned tomorrow under anti-terror leglisation if the Home Secretary chose to do so. Causing race riots is their only aim, and their recently acquired terror tactics should be the nail in their coffin!!!!!

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