Fascist violence on trial on March 15th

Peter Tierney, owner of the Quiggins AttiQue in Aigburth and so-called "super activist" for the BNP

After Peter Tierney’s last appearence at Liverpool Crown Court, charged with assaulting an antifascist, we reposted an article from the Daily Post which reported that his trial would commence on February 15th. Soon after, both the plaintiff and witnesses brought it to our attention that the actual date was March 15th and that the Post reporter had made a cock-up.

Imagine our surprise, then, when Merseyside BNP announced their plans for a “Peter Tierney day of support” on February 15th. Surely, if we could find out that the date was wrong then they should have been able to? After all, they have the accused “super activist” amongs their ranks! But no, they had a very public call-out for the 15th which was echoed over at the Green Arrow.

They soon found out, of course, but it appears that even this wasn’t straightforward. Yesterday, they declared that they have “learned in the last few hours that the trial of Peter Tierney has been moved back and listed for hearing for week beginning Mon March 15th 2010.” Again, we can only reiterate that February 15th was a mistake on behalf of the Post and so it is unlikely that we will find “this is also changed.” They ask us “what are the bets of the trial taking place proper on Week beginning Monday 3rd May?” And all we can say is that we really wouldn’t offer odds on it.

Not least since, at the start of this month, the Crown Court confirmed to us what the Plaintiff and witnesses have been told in writing. The trial of Peter Tierney for assaulting an anti-fascist begins on Monday March 15th.

Liverpool Antifascists will be there, continuing to spread the word about the violent thugs that Merseyside’s British National Party has in its midst. See you there, boys, as long as you don’t get confused again!


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