BNP fail in local elections

No Liverpool council seats for the BNP | Support stagnant | Percentage crashes

Liverpool BNP didn’t come close to winning a single seat in Liverpool last night – and their percentage of the vote dropped dramatically.

In 2008 BNP candidates averaged 10.58% of the vote in the seats they contested last night. This time their share fell to 5.35%.

This is partly due to the higher turnout, but it shows that the BNP’s message is not finding new support locally. In terms of votes cast, the results show BNP support to be stagnant at best.

In Old Swan, the BNP vote dropped by a sixth. Their candidate, Steven McEllenborough, was comprehensively rejected in the Wavertree parliamentary seat AND in Old Swan too, where his percentage share was roughly one third what it was last time. We know the BNP are unpopular in Liverpool, but local voters seem to have taken a personal dislike to this particular candidate. Even his party colleagues don’t seem too keen. Steve was regularly out canvassing on his own. Pack it in Steve, you know it makes sense.

In other council seats, hugely increased turnouts did not equal big advances for the BNP. In Kirkdale, the turnout rose dramatically, but the BNP vote only increased by a miserable 14. At this rate, it would take BNP candidate Steven Greenhalgh another 278 elections to win the seat! After scheming and plotting to become the PPC for Knowsley, he gets thrashed there, and all his efforts in Kirkdale come to nought too. Go back to printing lies on the Liverpool BNP blog.

Norris Green was a similar story for local fascists. There, BNP pensioner John Edgar had high hopes of making progress. He flogs the party paper there sometimes (when it’s not raining), and thought that this might translate into a massive swing to the BNP. When the result came out, his percentage was more than halved, he’d dropped from second to third place and he’d only managed to fool nine (count em) more people into voting for him. He’d have to fight another 405 elections to win the seat and, frankly, we don’t think he’s got it in him! Time to retire, me old mate!

In Fazakerley, ex-NF member Peter Stafford had barely recovered from the pounding he took at the polls in February, when Liverpool Anti-Fascists had flooded the ward with leaflets and activists and halved his vote in a by-election. This slow learner stood again last night. We decided to leave him alone this time, just to see what would happen. The voters of Fazakerley must have liked our message, because his support was still less than the 2008 result and his percentage was a third of what it had been.

Fazakerley isn’t going fascist, and that’s that. If you stand again, we’ll be back.

The Stafford household must be a pretty intolerable place (or should that be an intolerant place?). Pete’s son, (also Pete – imaginative!) stood again in County ward and saw his percentage share halved. He’d only managed to increase the BNP vote by 22 after all the effort he’s put in.

Pete’s partner (that’s Pete senior’s partner – keep up), Jackie, stood in Everton and dropped from second to third place, despite increasing the BNP vote from 222 to 281, still nearly 2,000 behind the winning candidate. How many elections would it take… You do the maths.

Liverpool BNP’s organiser, Peter Squire, stood in Clubmoor and also saw his percentage halved. He could only add six votes to the BNP’s total from 2008, despite a much higher turnout.

Finally (thank heaven!), we come to Liverpool BNP’s secretary, Karen Otty, who stood in Anfield. There was no BNP candidate there in 2008, but Otty got just over 5%, and would probably have polled more if her links to violent neo-Nazi groups like the Racial Volunteer Force and the English Defence League hadn’t been exposed during the campaign. This university graduate also managed to deliver half of her election leaflets in the wrong ward – didn’t study politics then, eh (or geography)! Incidentally, why is she still in the party, seeing as failed fuhrer Nick Griffin said that links between BNP members and the EDL were verboten? We think we should be told.

In Sefton, the BNP got hammered. All bar two of their nine candidates came bottom in their wards. The two that reached the dizzy heights of next to bottom did so by slaying the mighty dragons of the Southport Party (whatever that is) and a hapless independent candidate. The only BNP goon in a Knowsley council seat, Tony Ward in Halewood North, came fourth out of four candidates. He’s still punch drunk from the pasting he took last November in a by-election we intervened in, and hadn’t wanted to stand again – but there was no-one else, was there Tony? Take our advice, pack in the election game and stick to camping (you know what we mean).

On the Wirral the five BNP wannabees all came next to bottom, losing by equal margins to Labour and Tory candidates wherever they stood – seems like there’s no political space for them over there either!

But these results show that anti-fascists still have a job to do. There is still a small layer of support for the BNP in working-class communities. Therefore, there are still arguments to be had and campaigns to be run. The BNP have nothing to offer working people but division, hatred and defeat, and it is in no-one’s interest that they should have any purchase in this city. At a time when we are facing unprecedented cuts in jobs and services, we need unity among working people, not the spectacle of neighbour turning on neighbour, as the BNP would have us do.

These election results have an encouraging side – more BNP activists will become disillusioned at fresh failure; plenty of people have heard our message and seemingly acted upon it. But, like any infection, we can’t let the BNP fester in our midst. Fascism can thrive in times of economic turmoil, and we can’t take our eye off the ball. Our campaign goes on, until there are no fascist organisations operating in this city.

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