BNP factionalism in Liverpool: the paranoia and lies set in

As the BNP leadership contest between Eddy Butler and Nick Griffin hots up, factionalism amongst the fascists continues to be rife. Nowhere more so than in Liverpool.

Two weeks ago, we reported on the local branch’s purge of Butler’s supporters from its ranks, and the violent debacle that ensued. Since then, the Griffinite loyalists have closed ranks. They have drawn up a list of trusted members, beyond which everyone is a potential spy or traitor.

Unfortunately for them, if they’re right the local party is only six strong.

Alongside “Liverpoolbnp England,” who is actually Andrew Tierney, loyal Griffinites are advised only to trust Peter Quiggins (Tierney), Andrew Leary, “Liver Bird” (Veronika Martel), Gary James/Lucas, and Karen Otty. Adding Mike Whitby, who didn’t put the effort in to make a Facebook profile, that brings the full compliment of the “official” Liverpool BNP branch to seven.

The faction have been warning that anybody who supports Eddy Butler will be kicked out of the party. We have also heard rumours, though we stress that they are impossible to substantiate, that Peter Tierney has been adding that people should look over their shoulders and check under their cars of a morning. Whether this is a threat or paranoia about what the other side will do, we can only speculate.

But without the support of the rest of Liverpool’s fascists, however, the faction’s activity is deteriorating rapidly. Last week, they attempted to hand out leaflets in a recruitment drive in the city centre. With only three people on hand – Otty, Lucas, and Andrew Tierney – it was only five minutes before they were seen off in a confrontation with several local students. (Or, “hordes of Labour-sponsored UAF thugs,” in the BNP newspeak.)

On the other side of the factional divide, Eddy Butler and his “running mate” will be addressing a meeting in Liverpool on Monday 2nd August.

People are advised to turn up in the car park of the Elm Tree pub at 7.00pm, from where they will be redirected. However, a letter from Peter Squire reassures attendees that they only have to face “a short one hundred yard walk to the venue.”

The Merseyside BNP blog has essentially become another outlet for Butler’s leadership campaign. However, last week a diatribe written by Tony Ward briefly appeared on the site (you can view Google’s web cache here).

In it, he claimed that “while I was at that meeting I was informed my house had been firebombed!” He says that “the evidence points in the direction of the criminally stupid as they got the house I had moved from two years ago which was fortunate for me but not so fortunate for the two babies who live there and one of the parents who where in bed and trapped at the time, having to be rescued by a neighbour smashing in the rear fence.”

There have been no news reports of firebomb attacks on that night, and with such an emotive situation as two babies being put at risk this would have received national media attention. The post disappeared not long afterwards.

But, it seems, it was not the last lie that the Butler faction wished to post. On Thursday, Peter Squire posted this;

Andrew Tierney EXPOSED as a traitor talking to reds!

This morning (29th July) at about 9:30am one of our members got a text message from Liverpool Anti-fascist Phil Dickens. In this text Phil informed our member that he had recieved[sic] a phone call informing them that we are holding a meeting on Monday (with Eddy Butler and Nick Cass). Phil Dickens however said that the idiot had forgot to do 141 before the phone call, our member then asked what the number was which Phil Dickens passed on informing our member that they had been ringing the number however it was ringing out and going on to answer phone.

This number is a landline, our member then rang this number which again just rang out and went to an answer machine just as the red Phil Dickens had said. At first it was not apparent who’s number it was as our member only really has the mobile numbers of members on his phone.

Our member then however went and checked the member lists he has on his computer and checked too see if the number was on the members list. He was astonished at what he saw, it was the house number of Andrew Tierney.

This now proves what has been long suspected, the Tierneys[sic] are traitors to Nationalism and the BNP and are passing information onto the reds to cause confrontations and fights. The Tierneys[sic] are deliberately putting members including women and children in danger of being seriously hurt by our enemy.

The Tierneys[sic] have been the driving force between the massive split within Liverpool BNP and have seriously harmed the branch which was moving forward leaps and bounds until they joined. Members need to now stand up and demand these people are EJECTED from the BNP!


Update: this page, too, has now been deleted. Google’s cached version can be found here.

Phil Dickens reliably informs us that, aside from anything else, he was not awake at 9:30am on Thursday 29th July. He has confirmed that he doesn’t hold the phone number of any BNP member in either faction, and due to having not been contacted by them is fairly sure that no BNP members have his number.

We wonder why Merseyside BNP think Phil or any other antifascists would text them to out their own mole, and what kind of idiot would believe this garbage.

But, then, this is from the same people who claimed that Liverpool Antifascists were kicked out of Anfield in an incident which never occurred. They also describe running past Steve Greenhalgh and being belted from behind with a camera tripod by Peter Tierney as “attack[ing] elderly women!”

Liverpool Antifascists reiterate that we do not support either faction in the BNP leadership dispute. Both groups are fascists, and it can only be a positive that they are attacking each other and leaving everybody else alone.

More news as we get it.

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