More on Liverpool BNP factionalism

Liverpool BNP’s implosion, which saw the dissident faction purged from the ranks in a bar-room brawl, continues apace.

Since we last saw them – giving out leaflets to nobody at all first thing in the morning – the “Real BNP” (like the Real IRA, only funnier and far less scary) have set up the “Merseyside Independent Nationalist Patriot Group.” Or, if that’s too much of a mouthful, the Disgruntled Fascists Drinking Association.

The Disgruntled Fascists Drinking Association

Last night, when Liverpool BNP held a meeting in the Aigburth People’s Hall, they tried to attend and found themselves knocked back by (take a deep breath) “Mike Whitby the newly installed Liverpool ” Nick Griffin Yes Man” Organiser and assassin of fine long serving Nationalists with unblemished records.” [sic – who writes this crap?]

There was no violence this time, as far as Liverpool Antifascists are aware.

But this event tells us is that, far from going from “strength to strength,” as the other side of the factional war claim, Liverpool BNP are as riven as ever. Judging by the numbers pictured at the MINPG (cough) event and the amount we stood against in Liverpool City Centre two weeks ago, the two groups are roughly equal in number.

Left to right: Terrence Oakes, Dave Bell, and Steve Greenhalgh - former BNP organisers and prominent members of the shambolic dissident faction

The only problem is that whilst the “reformists” are a gang of poorly-organised numpties crying for attention, the Griffinites are obsessed fanatics driven by their cause. As the party falls apart, their resolve only hardens and they become more of a threat.

Not that they aren’t numpties in their own way of course. At the spontaneous antifascist protest two meeks ago, Liverpool BNP organiser Mike Whitby was followed around by a comrade who urged people to “take a leaflet from a fascist, folks.” Getting nowhere with the public, Whitby soon got frustrated and turned to yell “paedophile” at his tormentor, much to the amusement of everyone around him. Even the police – objectively pro-fascist on that day, couldn’t help but laugh at the buffoon.

Peter Tierney (far left), Jamie Luby (left), and Gary Lucas (far-right), some of the goons on the other side of Liverpool's fascist civil war

At the other end of the spectrum, lifelong friends of Peter Tierney have speculated that he has had a breakdown. One such friend, having known him since childhood, challenged him in the city centre, demanding to know “what happened to you” and why he had betrayed everything he once stood for to knock around with Nazis and racists.

This doesn’t change or excuse the fact that he is a violent fascist, who used a camera tripod to split a man’s head open for disagreeing with him. Which, of course is the threat of the BNP.

Although we should never be complacent, it’s the wrong political climate for the far-right to sieze power. The real danger is the violence they offer to those who oppose them, as well as the fact that they lead working class discontent up a nationalist blind-alley. As such, we are more than happy to see their parties continue to combust in this manner.

That said, whilst they are still active and on the streets we remain dedicated to fighting the fascist threat.

Any information on the BNP and other fascists (regardless of their particular loyalties) will be gratefully received. Who are these people? What are their names? Where do they live? Where do they work? What are they planning?

We state unequivocally that names, addresses, and any other information we hold is used for security and defensive purposes only. Liverpool Antifascists aren’t in the business of harming innocent people – that’s why we fight fascism.

We need to know when and where these people are planning to spread their politics of hate. Drop us a line and tell us anything you know about them. Confidentiality guaranteed.

7 Responses to “More on Liverpool BNP factionalism”
  1. h says:

    “Any information on the BNP and other fascists (regardless of their particular loyalties) will be gratefully received. Who are these people? What are their names? Where do they live? Where do they work? What are they planning?”

    This is fascist. Fascism doesn’t just mean killing Jews. Fascism is controlling and keeping watch of thoughts and actions. Well intentioned fascism such as diversity training, state intervention in childcare etc are fascism all the same. I suggest you rename your organisation as it is fascist itself.
    Interesting you pray on youth. Hitler said once to someone who refused to support him, “You will pass on, but your child is now ours.”

    You are all extremely blinkered.

    • Phil Dickens says:

      Ah, so wanting to know what fascists are up to and counter it is fascist itself? Thanks for informing me. I’ll now stop opposing fascism for fear of being fascist and let fascist ideas and violence take over the streets safe in the knowledge that at least I’m not a fascist in the eyes of a complete and utter fucking moron.

      What a great victory that will be. If only the International Brigades in Spain and the resistance in World War II had thought of this.

      Get a grip, muppet.

  2. h says:

    Ahhh so someone who doesn’t agree with you is a “complete and utter fucking moron.”
    You may live in fear of the BNP (which is rather odd as all your posts suggest they have about 3 supporters and are falling apart) but I live in fear of a city where one can’t express their own political views without being harrassed by mobs. Because you disagree with something doesn’t make it wrong. No political view is right or wrong, merely personal. I don’t want to lose my civil liberties because a gang of “socialists” believe inflicting their views and ideology on everyone is “for the best”. I’m just as terrified of the Green Party running the country as I am afraid of the BNP. Both would seriously infringe on personal liberties, as they are both authoritarian. You and the BNP are very similar. Try to debate logically rather than using cheap sarcasm. I may take you more seriously 😉

    • Phil Dickens says:

      No, it’s not somebody who doesn’t agree with me – it’s you, being deliberately obtuse.

      I wouldn’t necessarily want the Green Party in power, either. But their activists don’t have a record and reputation for violence, intimidation, and stirring up racial tensions. The BNP do. And they’re not simply holding or voicing “personal” opinions, they’re organising to win support for fascism and to work towards its being implemented.

      I reserve the right to oppose that, whatever strawmen their apologists concoct.

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