Spontaneous opposition sees the BNP flee Liverpool City Centre once more

Today, the British National Party once again set up their stall in Liverpool City Centre. As on previous occasions, local anti-fascists and members of the public gathered to oppose their fascist politics and see them off the streets of Liverpool.

Anti-fascists and shoppers tell the BNP they're not welcome in Liverpool City Centre

Today’s events were nowhere near as dramatic as the last such encounter, when after a seven-hour stand off a mass of local people literally ran them off the streets. This time, the BNP were packed up by 2pm, and departed not long afterwards.

At the beginning of the confrontation, police arrested about 6 people who were either anti-fascists or motivated by the party’s presence to vocally oppose them. The most outrageous offence committed appears to be swearing more than three times, and Liverpool Antifascists are happy to offer their full support to everybody in that situation.

Before the mass protest built up, a couple of members of Liverpool Antifascists started handing out leaflets. We were told to “fuck off” by some members of the public who thought we were the BNP.  A good response, especially when they realised their error and apologised. Many even thanked us for being there.

At about noon, the police arrested one anti-fascist on the basis of an allegation that he’d threatened one of the BNP.  Despite his protests, he was read his rights and arrested.  Two fellow anti-fascists pointed out to the police that they had been threatened by BNP members, but they weren’t interested. The officer in charge replied that if they wanted to make a formal complaint, then he’d take the to the station in the police van.  This kind gesture was politely refused. Not least because the fascist who’d made the complaint about us wasn’t offered then same service and remained on their stall, screaming racist abuse at passers by and protesters alike.

BNP halfwit Andrew Tierney. Yes, we can take photos too Andrew.

Liverpool Antifascists handed out around 2000 leaflets and talked to people directly about what was going on and what the BNP really stood for. Many stopped to vent their feelings at the fascists, demonstrating that they simply aren’t welcome in Liverpool. Some even joined us to hand out leaflets.

On the BNP side, organiser Mike Whitby strode amongst the protesters with his megaphone, calling everybody a paedophile.  It took the police about 15 minutes to realise that his actions were provocative and decide to arrest him.  He was last seen being dragged up Church Street, still frothing at the mouth, his feet sliding across the wet pavement like he was on skis.  This spectacle wasn’t lost on the public, most of whom could only shake their heads in derision.

Elderly BNP member Mary Anderson, however, got away with only a caution for the same behaviour. And the police missed it altogether when she started making monkey noises at black people. Another BNP supporter was restrained and taken away for walking directly into the anti-BNP crowd and shoving somebody he took a dislike to.

Andy Leary and the openly racist Mary Anderson were the last to depart

The usual round of photo-taking (the running theory is that they’re making a pin-up calendar of their favourite “Reds”) and finger pointing was also on show. However, apart from Tierney repeating his star turn as the mad town crier with an old brass bell, the event seemed somewhat muted.

The BNP are doing their best to stay relevant as they are sidelined by more pertinent issues. However, shows like this – and the vociferous opposition that results – only proves that they have nothing to offer the working class except division and hatred.

7 Responses to “Spontaneous opposition sees the BNP flee Liverpool City Centre once more”
  1. 777 says:

    What a bunch of freaks they were. They might have been no more than a joke were it not for the hate they spew and the hooligans and thugs amongst them. Why don’t they give up the BNP nonsense and focus on something more positive? Methinks they just like violence, as shown by their goading people to attack them while they hide behind the police.

  2. Marmite says:

    Freak would be the operative word, except that it’s an early 20th century American euphemism for someone who’s gay. And there was nothing even mildly charming about this lot :-).

    Seriously, when the Liverpool branch organiser starts shouting “paedophiles” through a megaphone at the anti-fascists, and some other lunatic makes monkey noises at black people going past, it’s time to stick the whole branch in the funny farm – each one in their own straightjacket.

    it gives us an idea of the kind of fruitcakes we’re dealing with.

  3. Mike Whitby is still a Coedpoeth Comnmunity Councillor and as such subject to Wrexham County Council’s Members Code of Conduct and I have today reported him to the Welsh Public Services Ombudsman for the follwing breaches of the Code of Conduct:

    1. duty to carry out responsibilities with regard to equal opps.
    2. show respect and consideration for others
    3. Not use bullying behaviour or harrass any person.
    4. Do something that compromises impartiality.
    5. Bring the authority into disrepute (Coedpoeth Community Council)

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