Mobilise against the EDL in Luton, 5 February

Statement from the Stop Racism and Fascism Network

As the racists turn their fire on anti-cuts struggles

The EDL is a racist, anti-migrant, anti-Muslim organisation – but not just that. For all its ludicrous claims to represent the “white working class”, it never misses an opportunity to attack those fighting back against cuts and ruling-class attacks.

During the course of 2010 the EDL has denounced the British Airways strikers, disrupted socialist meetings and attacked Swansea Trades Council’s May Day march. Now it is attacking student protesters against cuts and fees.

In a speech to EDL supporter in Peterborough on 11 December, EDL leader “Tommy Robinson” – a former BNP member whose real name is Stephen Yaxley Lennon – said:

The next time the students want to protest in our capital, the English Defence League will be there.

Almost all school and most university students are working class; many of the rest are poor. Yet in classic fascist terms, Lennon attacked them as “students living off their dads’ fucking bank cards who have never lived a normal way in their life. They do not understand what it is to be a working class member of this community.”

Migrants, Muslim people, trade unionists and strikers, student activists… Who will be next on the EDL’s hitlist?

The EDL is organising a demonstration in Luton on 5 February. A number of anti-racist and fascist groups, in Luton and across the country, will be mobilising to stop them. The Stop Racism and Fascism will be there, mobilising working-class and student activists around the slogans:

  • Drive the racists off our streets
  • Black and white, British-born and migrant, workers and students unite and fight
  • We won’t pay for the bosses’ crisis – jobs, homes and services for all

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13 Responses to “Mobilise against the EDL in Luton, 5 February”
  1. “Nuts Across the Water Nuts Across the Sea”

    One would think that everyone all over Europe would be sick of this fascism and socialism. You know, after that whole fiasco with Hitler and all. But this site is as far off as any liberal site in America.

    “… disrupted socialist meetings…”

    If that is a bad thing, then one could deduce that the red circle in your header is, in fact, not crossing out the swastika, but rather trying to hide it.

    “A number of anti-racist and fascist groups, in Luton and across the country, will be mobilising to stop them.”

    That’s fascism…

  2. 777 says:

    Listen mate, in Europe it has always been Socialism that has improved conditions for people and made things better for ordinary people. All Socialism is is working class people trying to improve things for the majority.
    You think using violence to disrupt Socialist meetings is ok? So workers arent allowed to organise for better conditions now? Why not?
    And anti-racist groups are merely defending our communities from violent thugs. How is that fascism?

  3. Neptune says:

    Why are you lot againt the EDL? It’s not racist, one of it’s leaders is a black Sikh, and the leader of the EDL’s youth division is mixed race. Also, one of the speakers at the 3th April EDL demo in Dudley was black.

    So how are they racist?

    Don’t you lot see that fundamentalist Islam is a threat, and that parts of Britain are being Islamified?

    Do you think the Islamification of Tower Hamlets is good thing?

    Some of you even believe that Islam is somehow a religion of peace, that’s bullcrap.

    • Phil Dickens says:

      a) non-white people can be racist too.
      b) opposing the EDL doesn’t mean supporting Islamism any more than opposing Stalinism would equal supporting capitalism.
      c) learn to tailor your arguments to the specific people you’re arguing with, rather than just wildly firing off shots in the dark and hopeing something sticks.

      • Neptune says:

        OK, well do you think the Islamification of Britain is a good thing?

        And do you think Islam is a religion of peace?

        • Phil Dickens says:

          No, it’s not a good thing. It’s also not happening.

          Islam is a religion. There is no such thing as a religion of peace, but the majority of religious people (including the majority of Muslims) are peaceful.

          • Neptune says:

            You say that there is no such thing as a religion of peace, well what about Christianity? Christianity’s holy book is the New Testament, and the book is completely peaceful and has a message of peace. Christianity is a religion of peace.

            You also say that Islamification of Britain isn’t happening, well why don’t you watch this vid, Tower Hamlets has clearly been Islamified.

          • Phil Dickens says:

            Christianity was spread by the sword since its inception. Its power and reach was established by brutal violence, and the Old Testament (plus most of the New beyond the gospels) contains the same backwards shite as the Qu’ran.

            Tower Hamlets hasn’t been “Islamified” any more than any city council the BNP have a lot of elected councillors has been “fascistified” – it’s just that some nutters are in a position of influence and need challenging. Easily done, except the EDL make that harder by alienating all Muslims including those opposed to the nutters and giving them an external enemy to point to so as to cement their influence through fear-mongering.

  4. Neptune says:

    Tower Hamlets has been Islamified, because everything there is Islamic and the population is Muslim.

    Even though Christianity was spread by the sword that doesn’t change the fact that the New Testament is completely peaceful.

    You say the New Testament is not peaceful, please provide the evidence.

    One more thing, did you know that Muhammed was a violent warlord who allowed his followers to rape their female slaves?

    • Phil Dickens says:

      A significant section is Muslim, sure, but it hasn’t been “Islamified.” In fact, I doubt that word has any meaning other than as a signal for right-wingers to break out in hysterics, to be honest.

      For cruelty and violence in the New Testament, see:

      But this is besides the point. The point is that I don’t bother with any religion, cause as far as I’m concerned they’re all barmy. But, equally, this doesn’t justify hating people purely on the basis of the faith they identify with.

      • Neptune says:

        Right, I read the violence from the New Testament in that link, but none of those verses appear to be open ended, and none of them say that Christians should kill non-Christians, like the Quran instructs Muslims to kill non-Muslims. Also, none of verses of the New Testament say that Christians to do any harm to non-Christians.

        The New Testament teaches that killing is wrong, the Quran, however, says it’s ok to kill non-Muslims in Jihad.

        Have you seen “Undercover Mosque”? It was a Channel 4 documentary that exposed the hate being preached in many Mosques in Britain. Muslims in Britain are being radicalised. For example, a survey of 600 Muslim students at 30 universities throughout Britain found that 32 per cent of Muslim respondents believed killing in the name of religion is justified. 40% wanted Sharia.

        By the way, the EDL don’t hate all Muslims, well, I don’t.

        • Phil Dickens says:

          The Old Testament (the Jewish Torah and the first part of the Christian bible) is far more explicit, and instructs much the same bilious crap as the Qu’ran. My point isn’t to justify Islam or demonise Christianity, only to point out that you can find exactly the same odious nonsense in other religious texts, and that it doesn’t guarantee that all adherents of that religion are violent. Just as the pacifism and socialism of Jesus in the gospels didn’t stop Christianity spreading through violence and its Churches exploiting peoples’ beliefs to acquire vast amounts of wealth and power.

          As for Muslims being radicalised, nobody is denying this happens. But not at anywhere near the rate the papers and far right suggest. Although the EDL, like the draconian and illiberal anti-terror laws passed by Labour, only exacerbate this issue by reinforcing both the sense of collective victimhood and the “us versus them” narrative that Islamist preachers sell. And, whilst this affects the lives of a great number of people in the areas where it happens, it is not leading us towards any kind of Islamic caliphate just as the EDL and the BNP are in no position to turn us into a fascist state.

          The threat that both sides pose is quite simply the division of the working class along the lines of these artificial “communities” making us weaker in the face of the ideology that truly does hold sway over the government, the economy, and the people in this country – capitalism.

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