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The British National Party have promised to mount a “massive” campaign for the coming local elections on 5th May. They will be looking to capitalise upon the anger and alienation caused by the economic crisis and the government’s cuts in order to lead people up the blind alley of nationalism. Liverpool Antifascists, as ever, are looking to counter that effort and are asking for your help in doing so.

In past elections, we have had great success by delivering leaflets on working class estates and challenging the politics of the far-right directly. Our message is that we recognise why working class people are alienated from mainstream politics, but the BNP doesn’t provide an answer to that. Only by uniting can ordinary people challenge the wrongs that we face in society, whereas the fascists seek to do the work of the bosses and the rich by dividing us against ourselves. We cannot let them succeed.

We are therefore asking for donations from those who support us, as we enter yet another election campaign.

Liverpool Antifascists have no wealthy backers and the good quality leaflets we produce cost money. This is raised from many ordinary people donating small amounts of their hard earned cash, and from locally organised benefit gigs with musicians donating their services and talents.

If you are able to donate to our cause, then please do so via PayPal as below. We would also ask people to encourage any trade union branch or other organisation they are part of to donate as well.

Every single penny we raise goes directly to the fight against fascism. Please give generously and help us continue to combat the threat of fascism in our communities.

If you have your own blog or web site, please feel free to repost this and encourage others to donate.

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