Liverpool EDL target community bookstore

On Saturday 7th May, members of the English Defence League invaded the News From Nowhere radical and community bookstore on Bold Street. The group unfurled a flag within the shop, chanting and shouting at the staff and customers in the shop, before finally moving on.

English Defence League members at a recent flash demo outside Lime Street station

By the time anti-fascists arrived at the shop, the fascists had gone. Shop workers reported that some of the first ones to come in had asked odd questions at the counter, including whether they carried information on the BNP, before joining the mob by the doors and shouting “why do you support terrorists.” They accused those in the shop of supporting the Islamist group Hamas and of being “anti-British.”

On their Facebook page, members said that “The Liverpool EDL are to be applauded for their bravery” in “keeping left-wing lies off the streets and out of the hands of our children.” An admin added that “Several of bits of l[i]terature in the shop in question promote communism and are anti-royals. A[s] a[n] Englishman i find this unacceptable.”

A spokesperson for Liverpool Antifascists said, “the English Defence League are only the latest fascist group to try and intimidate workers at News From Nowhere for its links to left-wing and radical politics. In the 1980s, it was on the receiving end of a lot of attacks from the National Front and BNP. More recently, neo-Nazis like the British Freedom Fighters had made regular visits to the shop until deterred by anti-fascists.

“The EDL might like to boast of how brave they were, but they are following in the footsteps of people like Liam Pinkham – the Nazi hooligan who was arrested for threatening to burn the shop down. They are cowards and bullies and this is exactly why we stand opposed to them.”

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  1. MellySingsDoom says:

    It’s telling the Liverpool EDL use “communism” – the NF used to specifically attack organisations and individuals in the 70’s and 80’s for being “communist”. See also the “Red Teachers” list that used to be published in “Bulldog”.

  2. stephen says:

    just like to say am the lad who came in and started talking 95% of what you put there is all lies !
    i came into the shop with ever one out side and said “have any news on the EDL” the shop keeper/ the girl behide the desk said no and was very nice so we mored on got are liverpool edl flag an got 2 photes in hide the shop

    if any one you think you can “have us ” tell us and we will met you any were any time i seen all your news in your shop ! 100% bull shit be seeing you seen agian long live the queen N.S

    + comment on the liverpool page on facebook with your relp thank you

    • 103RD International Brigade says:

      Stephen.. You and your kind make me ashamed to be English. I cannot support a group that terrifies women and chooses to act like Nazis. If your so loyal why are you not out in Afghanistan or Iraq fighting for our country? Why because you probably could not get in. I suggest you grow a pair and grow up. Your a coward and beneath contempt.

      • James Williamson says:

        If I was such a proud Englishman I’d probably learn to speak my own language properly first, as well.

        Well done for admitting to intimidation and violence BTW, Stephen!

        “if any one you think you can “have us ” tell us and we will met you any were any time i seen all your news in your shop ! 100% bull shit be seeing you seen agian long live the queen N.S”

        Spoken like a true brainless moron…

    • Frank Bloke says:

      Pity you didn’t buy a book in the shop, it might help to improve your English and give you an alternative viewpoint to the obvious rubbish you fill your head with.

    • Jimmy says:

      Stephen, if you are indeed so inherently proud to be “English”, could you please make some attempt at gaining a grasp on the language.

    • Marmite says:

      Q. How can you tell when something has been written by an EDL member?
      A. It’s total drivel and practically illiterate.

    • Mr. C. Eman says:

      @Stephan- WHY were you there then? what actual purpose did going in there and asking if they had news on a group that they obviously would actually achieve other then making it look like you wanted to intimidate people? Why take a photo in there with a flag?

      How do you actually know if the bookstore or the “left” actually support terrorists? Why would they? What does that possibly achieve for them? That book store is run by a feminist collective IF that stuff you say about Sharia law is true what would they possibly gain from it?

  3. Jack Thorne says:

    95% of what they say is lies mate, its exactly the same when they posted shit on me, It was all made up. Then they convince everyone they are the good guys.

    • sara says:

      How are you defending England, Steven and from what? The only result of your visit is that there was an outpouring of solidarity from all the disparate left groups in our city including anarchists, socialist, greens AND communists and anti-fashers of all flavours. The EDL is a wonderful force for unity as despising them is one of the things that everyone on the left can agree on. So thanks.

      PS I would reply on the EDL Liverpool facebook page but I was banned yesterday for asking how you got to call yourselves brave when it took fifteen of you holding hands to confront two members of staff…

  4. Hugh Jass says:

    They’re always banging on about how patriotic they are and how proud they are to be English (or British depending in what sort of mood they’re in) and yet they seem to have absolutely no grasp of our English language and how it should be used. I detected THIRTY grammatical/spelling/punctuation errors in three short paragraphs ‘supposingly’ attempting to justify their violent Stormtrooper-like action.

    To quote Billy Bragg ‘what do they know of England, only England knows’

  5. Check out Alan Lake’s Final Solution: –

    Lake is the funder of the EDL, and harbors genocidal fanatsies about the mass murder of Muslims, the evil neo-Nazi scumbag.

  6. “long live the queen”??????



  7. Anarchism has been around a lot longer than the fash scum of the EDL.

    We aren’t scared of spineless cowards like you.

  8. bob says:

    People in Afghaniistan are not fightiing for our country. Our countriies full of Musliim scum and al kaeda cells. Our army should protect our borders and not iinvade any other countriies. It’s so called legiitiimate politiciians who have turned our country into a shithole. remember 7/7?

  9. ISRAELITE40 says:

    The first of many boys don’t cry about this one its just the tip of the iceberg, we won’t sit back and listen to your communist, fascist, pro-islamic hatred be spouted on our streets! you are deluded, middle class fools who call themselves communists to “shock mummy and daddy” THIS IS OUR CITY AND WERE TAKING IT BACK!

  10. Pete says:

    Those Muslim extremists are pathetic too, as just because a person in Denmark made a cartoon of Allah they went crazy with signs such as kill infidels and death to the west. Why concentrate on being nasty to the EDL when they aren’t as mental as those Muslim extremists who cut off civilian workers heads on camera and don’t make death threats?

  11. casuals says:

    Guys first can i say every 1 was nice to the young lady in the shop and 2 stop telling lies about whats gone on 3rd if you carry on usen my photos which is the 1 have above which are being used in my book due out 20 th sep 2011 i will contact my solicitors in ref to it the only people that have the right are the guys in the pic

    also i wonder why you would support these scum bags who want to bring hate to the streets of liverpool ? calling are war dead names ? burning the poppy ? why if they can walk the streets on england and have free speech why cant the edl ? the bnp i understand and i dont take the views at all but the edl are fight,n for a cause you u seem to counter demo them all the time

    oh ps with u sell my book for me when it comes out NSever

  12. donald duck says:

    I was also present that day and would like to say the bookshop does encourage the support for hammas. There was an event on their page for weeks for which is why we planned the protest. They planned to have a vigil at 12pm at the book shop ligting candles for dead hammas terrorists. The event was taken off between 8am and 10am on the day of our “attack”. Hammas are terrorists and we oppose this as you oppose us. You have been fed lies by the bookshop about this event and I cannot tell you enough that the event existed. You need to do more homework and not listen to their lies before you issue statements and blogs on something you don’t know. That is all.

    • Frank Bloke says:

      Hammas, hammas, wtf is hammas? Do you mean Hummer, those big tank like cars or maybe Humus? If you mean Hamas then why are the EDL so concerned by what is happening in Palestine? Are we soon to be invaded by massed ranks of Palestinian terrorists or what?

  13. Emma says:

    Stephen – someone who works at the shop who I know personally said you went in and asked if they sold porn. And when I go to my local waterstone’s I don’t take a big flag with me and get photographed inside the shop. Why would you do that if you just wanted to go on a shopping trip? You went there with the aim of intimidating them. Shame on you Stephen. 15 men against 3 women. And you still ran away. Incidentally you’d probably find books on communism and against the royals in Waterstone’s as well. Are you going to target them next?

    Plus I have seen the comments on your facebook page. This is the internet Stephen….

  14. Jack Thorne says:

    How old are all of you? We can’t find anything else to moan about so we will pick on grammar. Its like being on habbo hotel again – Grammernazi’s… this is how the war started.

    • Human Being says:

      Are you trying to imply that WWII started over grammar?
      And you call yourself patriotic English?
      Most of your racist ilk can’t use the English language properly.
      Yet you still spout misinformed nonsense about what it is to be English.

      EDL is no more than a rag tag bunch of hooligans.
      Don’t embrace knowledge, and live in fear of threats that don’t exist.
      Embrace propaganda instead of seeking truth through experience and wisdom..
      Your view on “British” has never existed.
      You’re lead by the nose by idealist fascist scum, who prey on your identity crisis to pursue their own twisted agenda.
      You’re weak, easily fooled, mouthy nobodies.
      You seek to intimidate and can’t even do that properly.
      You will unite liberated minds, thinkers and doers against you.
      That is all you will achieve.

      And by the way, I am not the soft, lefty middle class type who does this to impress Mummy and Daddy that your weak minded ranks have kidded themselves they are up against.
      I promise you that your campaign won’t be so easy.
      I’m as much a working class scouser as you all claim to be, and you will find that Liverpools history is entrenched in the working classes rising against imperialist shills such as the EDL.
      You have nothing to take back, pick up a book and learn it for yourself.

      • Jack Thorne says:

        It was a joke, everything is far too serious on this site i thought I’d lift the mood. I have never mentioned that i believe i am patriotic english. And i am most certainly nothing to do with the EDL or any other right wing or left wing group. As for using the english language properly i will have to point out you should never start a sentence with a conjunction e.g And, But, For, Yet.. etc, This is a quite basic rule of the English language and is a big no no in the writing world. Also i will add that “pick up a book and learn it for yourself” Grammatically this should say “Pick up a book and learn about it for yourselves” being as you are addressing a group of people rather than an individual. You will also notice i have corrected “learn it” to say “learn about it”, this is simply because learning “It” would be more associated with learning a practical skill rather than reading about something and taking the knowledge in. Apart from that your Essay is fine, I’d give it at least a C, i have chose not to award you higher as your unusual use of paragraphs baffles me.

        I will again make it clear that i am not political at all, I just browse such sites for local news.

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