Some More On the BNP and Paedophilia

Well, that Labour 25 site is a rare eye opener! Whether it is indeed another BNP front, as Phil Dickens opines, is open to question, and we may note that Nick Griffin was quick to deny same. However, given Griffin’s record of denying everything from climate change to the holocaust to the Ku Klux Klan, we can only repeat that oft repeated aphorism of Mandy Rice Davies. “Well he would say that, wouldn’t he”.

Before we let the facts speak for themselves though, we need to bring those facts up to date. Subsequent to Phil’s blog it has emerged that Peter Tierney (alias Peter Quiggins) wasn’t the only BNP member arrested on that day. Tierney’s brother Andrew (alias Andrew Brennus) suffered the same fate.

In any event, two BNP activists, one with a record of criminal violence, are arrested for distributing leaflets attacking the Labour Party. One of them, after a harrowing ordeal under the “well directed boots and fists” of the Police, subsequently poses for a Youtube call on the steps of the Police station, displaying said leaflet, and flanked by two leading lights of the BNP. Strangely, despite Peter Tierney’s claim to having been badly beaten by the Police, there doesn’t appear to be a mark on him.

One of those leading lights is no less a personage than the leader of the BNP, Nick Griffin. The other, if you’re interested, is Adam Walker, an ex-teacher, who was sacked for inappropriate use of school computers. IE., for sending out racist and religiously intolerant messages on them during school time.

Yet despite the collective rants from Griffin, the Tierneys, Walker and Labour 25, the argument, that the “Marxist” Labour Party is singularly infested with paedophiles, doesn’t even stand up to the merest minimalist numerical scrutiny. You see the number proclaimed by the Labour 25, works out at about 0.015% of the national Labour Party membership, where the ratio of BNPaedophiles hyperlinked in Phil’s blog, to BNP membership, is more than twice that. 0.04% in fact.

But we need to stop kidding around. Neither of these counts is necessarily exhaustive, and both are too small to be statistically reliable. Even so this rough approximation supports what we know already. Paedophilia is an appalling crime and it would be far better for humanity if it didn’t exist at all. But there is no statistically significant group of paedophiles within any corpus of political activists in Britain, and there is no correlation whatsoever between political alignment and paedophilia.

What we’ve got in fact is a classic example of witch hunting by Labour 25/BNP. And witch hunts, IE, the persecution of outgroups believed to be conspiring on the destruction of society, have been a recurring phenomenon of Western society since at least the late middle ages.

The hunts don’t always involve witches of course. In fact any suspect group will do. But from Malleus Maleficarum (see note below) to Senator Joe McCarthy, via the Salem witch trials, through the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Nazis and the Stalin show trials, the pattern is invariably the same.

The Frontspiece of the Malleus

Witch hunts begin with a society in crisis; a meltdown of the national economy perhaps, or maybe an unaccountably bad harvest. Whatever, unable to apply any rational explanation for their misfortune, people imagine that they are under attack from some anti-social outgroup. It might be that all the toothless old crones in the village have joined forces with the devil to poison the seed supply, or it might be that every Muslim or Jew or Communist in the country is plotting to bring down western civilisation. It might even be that, among the echelons of the Labour Party, there is a plot afoot to debilitate our country’s children by sheer force of buggery.

But the seasoned witch hunter doesn’t let it stop there. We have to identify and punish the known witches, and we have to uncover all the ones we don’t know about. We need names. We need details. We need to know who was seen with the devil, or with Trotsky, or with Stalin, and when, and where, and who else might have been there. And we need all the other details we don’t yet know about; of satanic rituals we can’t even begin to imagine; of what other misfortunes they have caused, and of what other agencies the witches are in league with.

We need the rack. We need the thumbscrew. We need show trials. We need the House Un-American Activities Committee. And we need these things to unlock the tongues of those who are sworn to silence. And when the names start to pour forth, and a new band of arrestees has been rounded up, we’ll get even more names from them.

And so the whole process goes. Historically, most witch hunts ground to a halt when the witch hunters overreached themselves, and started undermining the fabric of the society they were suppose to be preventing the witches from undermining.

But just occasionally they don’t. There was a famous one which culminated not long before I was born. Its roots disappear into the mists of history, but it began to sprout legs with the notion that the Jews had conspired to bring about the defeat of Germany in the first world war. A not impossible idea, you might think. After all, don’t Jews sell pies cooked from the meat of dead rats to the German Christian population? And don’t they use the blood of Christian children for the feast of the Passover? And didn’t every single Jew who has ever lived take part in the murder of Jesus Christ? And don’t they hoard money and lend it out to hard working honest folk at monstrously exorbitant interest rates? Worst of all, is it not a fact that they have impossibly large testicles?

When the witch finders of 20th Century Germany set about their grisly business, they found that the Jews worldwide were not only engaged in their own anti-Christian conspiracy, they were in league with other forces no less sinister. There were bankers, stockbrokers, big business and Bolsheviks, all of them working together on the web of corruption that would one day destroy all that is noble and fine in white western Aryan civilisation.

Inspired by the need to free the world of such menace, there developed a pseudo-science composed of massive distortions of genetics, eugenics, anthropology Darwinism, biology and evolutionism, to show that the Germans alone were worthy of the title “master race”. All they had to do to realise that title was to rid themselves of those retarded elements, which were gnawing at the very vitals of Aryanism.

And while you’re at this “science” of humanity, resurrect a few long forgotten gods, re-invent and distort a litany of “native” traditions to sustain the myth of a single racial and cultural Aryan identity, throw in an economic depression, and you have the perfect conditions for the triumph of that demented discord of nationalism, racism, corporatism and capitalism which the world knows as Nazism.

The ensuing carnage resulted in the incarceration and industrial extermination of 6 million Jews, Gypsies, Communists, trade unionists, gays, prostitutes and members of any other social group, which the Nazis took exception to. It led to the biggest, most widespread and bloodiest war in history. The total number of fatalities is impossible to calculate with any certainty, but various authorities put it at between 50 and 70 million. And with an irony worthy of Shakespeare, it not only buried Hitler and the Aryan dream, it reduced Germany to heaps of rubble, and the German people to near starvation.

Fast forward to the present and we can see the whole witch craze building up again. We have an economy in crisis and we have not just one outgroup, we have several, all allegedly in league with each other. For the matter of that, and as if the feeding ground wasn’t rich enough already, we also have a hopelessly out of touch and totally corrupt trilogy of major political parties, at least one of which is embarked on a “Marxist” campaign of opening the floodgates of paedophilia. In short we have, according to Nick Griffin, a “hideous, unholy alliance of big business, left wing supporters and European bureaucrats who are intent on destroying Britain”. Finally we have the pathetic spectacle of BNP members distributing leaflets which claim that the serpent of paedophilia is alive and festering in the bosom of the Labour Party when it plainly isn’t. Perhaps one day history will stop repeating itself. Perhaps one day the Peter and Andrew Tierneys and the Adam Walkers and Nick Griffins of this world will realise that the only way they’ll get to see a bogeyman face to face is to go look in a mirror.

Note. The literature on Stalinism, Nazism and McCarthyism is vast and their stories are too well known to require any direction from me. However, surfers may be less familiar with Malleus Maleficarum. Known in English as The Hammer of Witches this was perhaps the most notorious book in European history before the publication of Mein Kampf. It was written by two ecclesiastical scholars, Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprenger, in 1486, its purpose being to establish beyond question the veracity of witchcraft and to act as a handbook for the interrogation and conviction of witches. The entire work can be referenced by following the link above. However, a fairly recent abridged text of the Malleus, in English, can be found in Witchcraft in Europe; a Documentary History; 1100-1700. Alan C. Kors and Edward Peters (editors). Pennsylvania UP. 1973.

Also, for those interested, probably the best work on the Salem witch trials is Salem Possessed; The Social Origins of Witchcraft. Paul Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum. Harvard UP. 1974.

Addendum. Today’s AOL News contains a story with a truly horrifying statistic; namely that a paedophilic sex crime is committed every 20 minutes. By anybody’s standards, that is a dreadful state of affairs and a terrible reflection of the society in which we live. But the sheer brass necked opportunism of the BNP in trying to lay this epedemic at the doors of the Labour Party just beggars belief. Remember, if you will, that probably no regime on earth ever committed worse acts of abuse on children than did the Nazis with the children in its concentration camps. Apart from mass extermination and slave labour, human experiments were carried out on some of those children. Among other things, their limbs were systematically broken and then reset to see how they would heal.

The BNP, as heirs to the ideology of Nazism, are not interested in stamping out paedophilia. Give them an opportunity to work up a conspiracy against their opponents, whether those opponents are Muslims, antifascsists, Labour Party Activists or whoever, and they will take it. And they will use it, not for the betterment of their compatriots, not to rid the world of any evil, genuine or perceived, but simply to smear their opponents. In the words of the one time propaganda minister for the Third Reich, “Tell a lie that is big enough and tell it often enough, and the whole world will believe it”.

Goddamn the whole rotten putrifying stench that is fascism.


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