The Fighting Fuhrers

 The British National Party continues to implode, although it’s more of a whimper than a bang these days. While the infighting has led to arrests, splits and a rapidly disappearing membership, one man has stood aloof from the fray, Andrew Brons MEP.

On Sunday the fray came to Brons. One of his staff, Eddy Butler, tried to replace Nick Griffin as the party’s chief a while ago, in a challenge that was seen off amidst claims of vote rigging and mass expulsions by Griffin of anyone who he thought may be thinking of voting for Butler.

Last week, Butler and the cream of the white race came to Brussels for a visit… to visit Brons. During the meeting in the European Parliament, Mr Griffin arrived, uninvited, and…

According to Butler there followed “an enlightening ‘exchange of opinions’ with the discredited current Chairman of the BNP who disgraced us with his presence. It was interesting to say the least. He was in a real temper and was extremely rude to everyone. It seems likely that he is having some sort of breakdown. The stress is clearly getting to him.”

Other witnesses describe the BNP leader’s behaviour as “aggressive”, “in a real temper” and “abusive”, “Griffin made a total fool of himself” and so on. One witness said Griffin, “called on Brons to sack Butler for telling lies on his blog. Brons refused and when Butler asked Griffin to name one lie he had told on his blog Griffin stood open mouthed for ten seconds before spluttering an excuse and tried to pretend he never reads it!”

The whole incident was filmed and Brons is being urged not to let anyone release the video as its contents, said one, could finish the party off.

From New Europe . 29.05.11 

Editorial. After much fruitless searching and googling, Liveraf has finally managed to run this infamous video to earth. It is on Youtube in two halfs at Altercation in Brussels Part 1 and Altercation in Brussels Part 2.

We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether this televisual squabble between a bunch of overgrown kids has been worth the hype. However, you’ll be gald to know that Liverpool Anti-fascist meetings are conducted in an infinitely more decorous fashion.

5 Responses to “The Fighting Fuhrers”
  1. Billy says:


  2. micky says:

    when are you labour puppets going to realise if the party does go then we who are in the bnp will continue fighting your racist lies this is what i keep saying we will come back again and again and again and again ill for one will never give in to you socialist reds and you paedophile protectors you are nothing but violent intimidating persecuting thugs that will meet your match mark my words on that sick individuals now run along and go protect your labour -lib -con-ukip paedophiles wait till we expose what you protect starling sympathisers how many people did he kill lot more than Hitler and they are both murdering scum and you lot are just the same labour communists

    • ricky says:

      Punctuation is easy. You totally failed in this simple task. Political analysis is hard. Why should people expect you to do a better job at it?

      Also, can you elaborate, what methods did the starlings use to kill more people than Hitler?

  3. Militant says:

    “Starling sympathisers”? What’s wrong with that Mickey lad? Despite putting on impressive, free, flight displays starlings are often needlessly harassed by council staff under the guise of preventing damage to public buildings, bridges etc. Admittedly they are “foreign” having not been here before the last ice age – so maybe that is your point? Flying over here; eating all our bugs; showing off to our birds etc.

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