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Marshall: The BNP's would-be Dr Death

Marshall: The BNP's would-be Dr Death

 The British National Party has further proved that it is nothing if not desperate. The party has quietly announced the reappointment of Jeffrey Marshall as its East London organiser, not two years after he was embroiled in a scandal over his call for children with disabilities to be killed.

When David Cameron’s son Ivan passed away in February 2009, Marshall went onto an internet forum writing: “We live in a country today which is unhealthily dominated by an excess of sentimentality towards the weak and unproductive. No good will come of it.” Cameron’s son had cerebral palsy and was described by the Camerons as their “beautiful boy”. David Cameron said that Ivan had brought “joy and love to those around him”.

Not content with attacking Mr and Mrs Cameron and others mourning Ivan’s death, Marshall, who is not known to have any children of his own, stated that although it would be “a kindness” to kill children with disabilities, this was not the same as advocating such a measure as compulsory state policy. “But so what if it is?” he asked. “At least we would all know where we stand. There is actually not a great deal of point in keeping these sort of people alive, after all.”

It is not the first time that the BNP has called for those with disabilities to be killed. They once suggested that people who lived in poverty were a drain on society, that this showed an inherent “weakness” in them and that measures should be taken to stop them from having children.

As more and more people in this country slide into poverty, it is noticeable that the BNP has nothing to say about spending cuts and the damage they could do to “their” country. Instead, the BNP prefers to sink further into internal acrimony and the continued promotion of its own disease of racism and fascism, a disease which we will resist for the good of all, regardless of where people live or their colour, religion, sexuality and ability.

From Hope Not Hate. Story by Nick Lowles 09.06.11


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