The EDL’s supergrass

Roger Firth can often be seen stewarding English Defence League demonstrations in the South East. What he has not revealed to his friends in the EDL is his past, in particular his imprisonment for his part in attempts to fix a Premier League football match.

In 1999 the floodlights went out at a Premiership match between Charlton Athletic and Liverpool, played at Charlton’s ground in Greenwich, southeast London.

The failure was the work of a Malaysian betting syndicate allegedly linked to Chinese Triad gangs, and was part of their plan to rig football fixtures in England.

In August 1999, four men were sentenced for their part in the match fixing scandal. Two were Malaysian nationals – one an electrical expert – who each got four years. The third was a 49-year-old security guard from Eltham, south London, employed by Charlton Athletic. That man was Firth, now the defender of all things English in his pernicious role with the EDL.

Firth turned against the gang and became the chief prosecution witness in return for a reduced sentence. He had been paid £20,000 in cash to allow the Malaysians into the ground in his part of a “highly professional, technical, criminal operation”.

All the men went on to plead guilty to conspiracy to cause a public nuisance. The judge described Firth’s motive for helping the syndicate as plain and simple greed.

Police informer and EDL steward: Roger Firth

Police informer and EDL steward: Roger Firth

The gang was rumbled when Firth tried to bribe a fellow employee at the club with £5,000. Firth received an 18-month sentence, while his accomplices were later deported.

One newspaper at the time labelled Firth a “supergrass” and alleged that he was to get a new identity and address to protect him from the Triads’ clutches.

A former Territorial Army soldier, Firth was in charge of daytime security at Charlton Athletic and was a former bodyguard for the football stars Glenn Hoddle and Paul Gascoigne.

When he is not stewarding for the EDL, Firth is one of the leaders of the tiny, radical anti-Muslim English Nationalist Alliance, a ragtag bunch of racists based mainly in outer east London and Essex.

If there is one thing the average EDL member despises it is a police informant, so it is no surprise that Firth has hidden his shady past. He has successfully managed to dodge the Triads; his next hurdle could be his comrades in the EDL.

From Searchlight Magazine  05.07.11

4 Responses to “The EDL’s supergrass”
  1. Jack Thorne says:

    Bit harsh this isn’t it, IF he’s hiding from Triads an Football hooligans, you’ve just endangered his life abit. Hope your proud of yourselves.

  2. Marmite says:

    Yeahh. That will be one less fascist to worry about

    • Jack Thorne says:

      Fascist or not he’s still a human being. Im sure HItler would of said something along the lines of “one less Jew to worry about” I find everyone involved in this group very hypocritical and silly. I can’t seem to get my head around how you always try to claim the higher moral ground when you do the same if not worse than the people you all call fascists AND your only defense seems to be ‘ We are doing it because they do”. I think you will find people have the right to have different political opinions, this is calle a democracy and Britian has been one of those for many years now, Athough maybe we should go back to when the royals ruled? then all this petty sqaulbling would stop and everyone who apposed them would be beheaded/hung etc etc, Sort of like what goes on in all those horrid third world countires, Maybe we should all move over to Burma, And fight there oppressive fascist goverment, Im sure if we started a blog called BURMA-AF and put up posters and flyers to stop there fascist govement slaughtering and raping people we could make some real headway, Actually Everytime they storm a village and murder the inhabbitants of the village we could all form a a sort of human wall around the outside so any passers by know what vulgar fascists they are, Im sure our banners would sheild us from there spray of machine gun bullets long enough for them to realise that fascism is wrong, they they could start appologising to the familes of the victims of there crimes, Alternativly we could emply the tatics you promote now and do exactly what they do, i think that would involve breaking in to burmese goverment compounds raping there women and mudering there children for fun, Im sure that would get the point across… and since they done it first i don’t see the issue of this, Im sure the Burmese leaders would eventually find us and slowly torture us and our families to death but im sure it would all be worth it and we would of shown the people of Burma how to bash the fash.

      • Phil Dickens says:

        I think you will find people have the right to have different political opinions, this is calle a democracy and Britian has been one of those for many years now

        Yeah, you do realise the difference between opinions and actions, right?

        For example if someone believes that all Jews should be murdered but all they do is rant in a pub, then they’re a bigot but largely harmless, whereas if they join a party or organisation to put that into practice they’re an active threat. Likewise, on the opposite side, if someone claims to oppose racism but only does so by saying “that’s bad,” then they’re of the right mindset but hardly helping advance the cause. Whereas if they actively challenge racism and fascism then they’re making a difference in some way.

        The people in the EDL can think as they like. But they’re never going to be trying to politely persuade people of their view – they assemble en masse and run riot on the streets, attacking Muslims and Asians. That has to be physically defended against and as far as I’m concerned, though I would hardly advocate Triads and football hooligans hunting them down, the people involved in that merit no sympathy whatsoever.

        Im sure if we started a blog called BURMA-AF and put up posters and flyers to stop there fascist govement slaughtering and raping people we could make some real headway

        Now you’re being fatuous. Clearly, resistance takes on different forms depending on the situation. That’s why anti-fascists in Spain the 30s formed armed militias, the National Front were physically beaten off the streets, and the BNP standing in elections are leafleted against. It’s the same reason that socialist and anarchist organisations operate openly in liberal democracies like Britan but in secret in dictatorships like Cuba, Iran, etc.

        That is pretty much common sense. I’d no more promote LiverAF tactics in Burma than I would machine guns against the EDL here.

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