Former BNP councillor to stand as English Democrat

Seamus Dunne

A former BNP councillor, who left the party last year amid leadership and financial concerns, is now standing as an English Democrat.

Councillor Seamus Dunne, who was elected to Three Rivers District Council in May 2008, announced in August that he would sit as an independent member.

Nick Griffin, who has been party leader since 1999, fended off a leadership challenge in August when his rivals failed to win enough support from other party members.

Councillor Dunne, of Alva Way, Carpenders Park, resigned just days after that of London Assembly member Richard Barnbrook.

At the time he raised concerns about the state of the level of the party’s debts, reported to be as high as £500,000.

He said: “I was in contact with the hierarchy of the English Democrats at the end of December, there really isn’t much else out there politically.

“It seemed the hardliners were taking over the BNP and since then there has been a lot of turmoil going on.

“I wanted to join a party which shares my views, they don’t have the notoriety of the BNP but they also don’t have the individuals.

“Quite a few good people from the BNP have come over and the party has a lot of good and fair policies.”

From the Watford Observer . Story by Adam Binnie. 15.07.11


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