Nick Griffin wins BNP leadership election

Nick Griffin has retained the leadership of the BNP in an election against fellow fascist MEP Andrew Brons. Griffin claims that this now puts internal squabbles in the past and they “have a Party to build and a Nation to save.” However, the election campaign only underlined – rather than healed – the fractures in the party.

Griffin won by just 9 votes, with eleven ballot papers being spoilt. Just 2317 BNP members voted, despite every attempt to give the contest the legitimacy that the membership clearly felt the last one lacked. There was even a token admonishment for the chairman from returning officer Geof Dickens, for breaking perhaps the tight restrictions of the contest which included a ban on using anything other than the official site to canvass for votes. A measure which was clearly implemented to protect the party from the embarrassment it suffered last time, when opponents of Griffin were attacked for being gay and (allegedly) being transsexual or Jewish!

Despite this, the farces continued, with Griffin walking uninvited into a meeting hosted by Andrew Brons and engaging in a bizarre altercation. The video can be seen on You Tube in two parts, here and here.

Then there is the continuing farce of Liverpool BNP, now reduced essentially to support troops for the party in other regions and Peter Tierney continuing on his one-man crusade against an imagined cabal of Labour Party paedophiles. After the violent splits in the local party after the general election, then repeatedly being chased from the City Centre, it has all been downhill for Liverpool BNP and no doubt those who don’t disappear from the scene entirely will re-emerge with the English Defence League.

But, far be it from us to rain on his parade, Liverpool Antifascists wishes to congratulate Nick Griffin on retaining the BNP leadership. For those of us who despise the party, it’s the best possible outcome of this election. Long may their downward spiral continue!

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