Redwatch is Back!

From Manchester Anti-Fascist Alliance:

After over a year of inactivity the website Redwatch, run by a glue sniffing National Socialist, has been splurted back into life. The UAF Hunting Club, who’s forum and facebook page has been closed, have clearly had a hand in it so as the eternal internet warrior: Salford BNP organiser Gary Tumulty.

Redwatch, not updated since February 2010, has now began to put on files of Manchester and Salford Reds. This is the work of police grass Gary Tumulty. The UAF Hunting Club’s recent surge to Facebook fame via putting images of Reds on their site, mostly sent in by Gary Tumulty, seems to have led to the re-eastablisment of Redwatch.

There is a facebook campaign to get LulzSec, the hacking collective, to take down Redwatch.

2 Responses to “Redwatch is Back!”
  1. oh shoot, now my pic will be on the internet…oh wait, yeah um Facebook already has that covered :/

  2. Marmite says:

    Cool. They’ve managed to get a few photographs of me in at last. And they all show my best profile.

    Joking apart, if I ever had any doubts about the BNP’s complicity in Redwatch, they have now been completely destroyed. Many of the photographs of anti-fascist protesters at the BNP stall in Liverpool could only have been taken by someone standing right in front of that stall. Just about where Arthur Brennus, sorry, Andrew Tierney, was waving his camera around.

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