BNP activist Andrew Tierney found guilty of assaulting anti-fascist

Just over a year after Liverpool BNP’s number one Viking look-a-like Peter Tierney assaulted an anti-fascist with a camera tripod, was convicted for ABH and forced to don a fetching orange jacket for 150hrs community service – his unhinged brother Andrew has been electronically tagged for three months following a similar attack on anti-fascists in Liverpool City Centre last December.

Tierney’s conviction follows the acquittal of a number of anti-fascists last month – who the BNP tried and failed to fit-up after they protested the presence of fascist stall on Church Street. Clearly too thick to remember the results last time they tried to ‘get the reds’ in full view of City Centre CCTV, wannabe hard man Andrew’s response to the protest was to wallop the first anti-fascist he could reach – and when his chosen target failed to fall over or retaliate after the first or second punch, thought he’d land a third – just for good measure, but to no avail. Entertainingly the last frame of the CCTV footage shows slow off the mark Andrew finally clocking the camera and realising he’s in the shit.

In typical fashion, Merseyside Police heeded to whining from the BNP, and arrested all the anti-fascists present, ignoring Andrew’s attack and the fact that Peter Tierney is clearly seen flooring one protestor and punching another two. Anti-fascists were subsequently held for over twelve hours before being bailed on conditions that banned them from Liverpool City Centre for several months – a decision which the police had no qualms in stating was made because they believed those present had been responsible for organising a number of (perfectly legal and non-violent) student demonstrations in the city earlier in the year.

Following Andrew Tierney’s eventual arrest a number of days later, the CPS made the bizarre decision to put him on trial with the anti-fascists. So began the spectacle of him claiming to be a ‘free born Englishman’ and as such, apparently not obliged to recognise the jurisdiction of the court. The high point of these antics came when he declared his desire to have a ‘trial by combat’ (who knows what that means – but if it’s the obvious, 1 versus 6 wouldn’t have put him in good stead!) Unsurprisingly, his performance saw him become well acquainted with the court cell block – nice to know that despite the judiciary being riddled with right-wing nutters, none of the circuit magistrates in Liverpool were quite barmy enough to acquit him on the basis of his English heritage.

Despite being initially entertaining (to the point where solicitors who were at a loose end were coming into the case just to have giggle at the prat) his clowning quickly became tedious, and the antifascists defence team successfully had the cases severed. Without an audience, Tierney continued to show his true colours, being heard by several people loudly berating his solicitor about the fact the presiding judge was Jewish – just in case anyone present was still not entirely sure whether or not he was a vile Nazi. On the final day of proceedings Griffin showed up – accompanied by an increasingly ‘select’ group of chimps in suits. Given the minor charge, it seems the great leader is critically aware that

the Tierney brothers are among the few people remaining in the BNP stupid enough to continue giving him large amounts of cash – and we will now be subject to being told how this ‘super-activist’ has loyally given everything to defend his glorious party.

All in all, this has been a another farce in the downwards trajectory of the Liverpool BNP branch, and the party in general. Month by month they lurch from kicking bits out of each other to disastrous attacks on antifascists or the general public, usually resulting in them being locked up. Undoubtedly the UK continues to faces clear and present threats from the far right – but within in this milieu, the BNP are fast becoming pathetic side show.

Not a scene from the incident in Liverpool City Centre...

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  1. Marmite says:

    Wonderful news! Does the electronic order allow him to continue wearing his KKK outfit?

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