Bailiffs seize BNP boss Nick Griffin’s car

BNP leader Nick Griffin (Pic: Getty)

BNP leader Nick Griffin (Pic: Getty)

BNP leader Nick Griffin’s car has been seized by bailiffs trying to claw back his ­party’s £600,000 debts.

High Court enforcement officers turned up at the far-right party chief’s home in Welshpool, Powys, with a lorry and orders to take his Skoda on Friday morning.

Eddy Butler, one of ­Griffin’s former lieutenants, said the MEP claimed he had ­recently sold the car to a colleague who leased it back to him.

But after Griffin failed to provide proof the bailiffs took it away.

The BNP has racked up huge debts with small businesses and is engaged in legal battles with former employees and organisations.

A family-owned Belfast printing firm shut last week, blaming an unpaid BNP bill £50,000 for its closure.

Senior officials are ­personally liable for party debts because of the ­unusual way the BNP is organised.

The BNP refused to ­comment yesterday.

From the Sunday Mirror. 04.09.11. Story by Gary Anderson
Editorial. This story is potentially more far reaching than it at first appears. Marmite’s information, and I admit I may not be 100% on this, is that the BNP is an unincorporated organisation.  Therefore, as with a commercial enterprise which has not sought limited liability, responsibility for debts falls on the “owners” of the BNP. Again drawing on personal information, Griffin seems to have seen this coming and made himself into a man of straw. IE., none of his personal assets  can be touched because he does not own them – excepting the car apparently. That means in effect that Griffin cannot be declared bankrupt and neither can the BNP.
What’s more, on 24th August, Liveraf carried a story that Adam Walker had been inconvenienced to the tune of £21,000 by a court ruling against him, rather than against the BNP. It is not known whether Walker took similar precautions to those which we think Griffin has indulged in.
As already indicated, it can be hard to separate fact from rumour in cases like this, and I cannot claim to have much expertise in the field of financial law. So if there’s anybody out there who can present a more complete picture of the BNP’s finances and liabilities, Liveraf would be glad to hear from you. 
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    It couldnt happen to a more deserving parasite.

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