Llandudno man ‘was sent BNP leaflets and abusive letters’ jury told

Paul Gordon Frossell

Paul Gordon Frossell

A MAN accused of sending BNP leaflets and abusive letters to a mixed race van driver has denied racial harassment.

Paul Gordon Frossell, 40, accepted he sent the two letters to Robert Islam but denied they had racist overtones.

Mr Frossell, now of Mostyn Avenue, Llandudno, denies a charge of racially aggravated harassment between September and November last year.

A jury at Caernarfon Crown Court heard Mr Islam, a man of mixed British and Indian parentage, returned to his flat in Bodhyfryd Road, Llandudno on September 6 last year and found an envelope had been slid under the door.

 It contained a letter and a leaflet about the British National Party (BNP). The letter was addressed to the owner of a Ford Transit van and it said: “We believe you are of Asian descent and may not understand English.”

It went on to claim he was parking his vehicle without permission near the Clarence Hotel, and if he continued the van might be clamped.

Mr Islam, a self-employed courier, said: “I was extremely annoyed. I am of mixed race but I am very British.

“I have 25 years experience of driving taxis and coaches and have heard people make racist remarks to me, usually when they are drunk.

“But this has been thought about. It is not a spur of the moment situation.”

Asked by prosecutor Matthew Dunford if he was parking his van without permission, Mr Islam said: “No.”

He added Bodhyfryd Road has no public parking and he had to park the van up to 200 yards away from his flat.

After finding the space outside the hotel, which has been closed for some time, he had checked if it was available with a traffic warden. “I saw other vehicles parked there and parked there if the space was available,” he said.

Cross examined by Matthew Curtis, defending, Mr Islam insisted the BNP leaflet was inside the envelope.

The barrister suggested mail and other material was left in the communal area of the flat and that Frossell, who lived in another flat at the time, may have picked up the leaflet when he put the envelope under the doorway.

“No, they were both in the envelope,” he said.

Mr Islam reported the matter to police, who launched an investigation. But two months later, on November 10, another envelope was delivered. This contained 15-20 pages from an “activists pack” for the BNP party.

This letter was opened by Mr Islam’s Polish partner Malgorzata Ambicka. Speaking through an interpreter, Ms Ambicka said: “I was scared. I felt threatened, as if someone had control over me,” she said.

The trial continues.

 From  the North Wales Daily Post . Article by Eryl Crump. 08.09.11


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