Demonstrate against the BNP this Thursday!

The BNP are planning a protest outside BBC Question time when it is filmed at the Contemporary Urban Centre (CUC) in Liverpool on Thursday. Liverpool Antifascists supports the call out for all local anti-fascists to oppose their presence on our streets.

The BNP’s gripe is against the supposed institutional bias against them at the BBC. But when their leader Nick Griffin has been given ample opportunity to promote his politics on air whilst the very real state repression of left-wing activists has been ignored or downplayed, it is hard to sympathise with a fascist demanding more publicity. Their politics serve only to offer division at a time when all working people – regardless of ethnic background or skincolour – are suffering as a result of government cuts.

On every recent occasion that the BNP have had a formal presence in the City Centre, they have been met with opposition. The people of Liverpool have physically ran them off the streets when they’ve tried to promote their divisive nationalist politics. This Thursday, and every time they show their faces in our city, let’s remind them that they’re not welcome!

Bring flags and banners.

5pm, Thursday 29 September
Contemporary Urban Centre (CUC),
Greenland Street (off Jamaica Street, near Cains Brewery)
Liverpool L1 OBS (Map)

View the Facebook event set up by Liverpool UAF here.


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