BNP conference demo report

On the first day of the BNP Conference, I arrived at about 10.45am to join a small but very loud group of people outside The Cricketers. There were lots of police vans around and the hi viz jackets were spotted in abundance as I approached.

It was heartening to see that people had arrived early to make sure that the fascists knew that they weren’t welcome in Wavertree. Once word spread the group grew larger, including quite a few people from the locality. All were there because they were disgusted that the BNP had snuck, like thieves in the night, into their neighbourhood. The ‘master race’ having their AGM in a crappy, scruffy little social club on the outskirts of Liverpool, with only about 60 in attendance, says it all.

A number of residents from around The Cricketers came over to show their support for the protest offering the use of their bathroom and drinks for anyone who needed it. A number of others commented that they’d had a pint in the place but would never do so again, expressing disgust with the owner for hosting a bunch of fascists.

Later in the day, a prominent Liverpool councillor turned up and walked into the venue to tell the owner that hosting these events is bad for business. Another local councillor stayed with us for a few hours telling people that the owner should have informed the police prior to the event; the failure to do so could mean heavy financial repercussions for the owner. We stayed there until it went dark, jeering the scumbags off as they drove out from behind the line of police.

Sunday saw about the same number of people, though not all the same faces by any means. Talking to people it turned out that word had got around the area what was happening which had resulted in many more locals joining the protest and standing there all day in protest. We were looked after by a friendly female protester who had a never-ending supply of biscuits and sweets, also by a few socialist singers who came out with a few songs specially adapted for the occasion. These were a bit more tuneful than our chants as we called the people ‘in the fancy dress’ Nazi Scum.

The council leader and a few more councillors had turned out to support the protest. All credit to them for doing so, but they didn’t lead the protest as it was described in the media. Joe Anderson approached them and told the manager his license would be looked at. This resulted in Nick Griffin himself coming out and trying to intimidate the Council Leader, apparantly calling him a fascist! Joe responded by calling Griffin a racist bigot. Fair play Joe.

Other notable events was the unusual appearance of most of these strange people in the BNP. One was dressed as soldier, one as a vicar (we called him the ‘dirty vicar’) and another one who looked like Benny Hill. Despite us asking him several times he just wouldn’t perform that funny dance. Several others looked like they’d been watching too many gangster films and must have thought that they looked cool, or hard. They were neither. A fascist in smart clothes? I think we’ve all heard about putting lipstick on a pig.

The EDL had put out a call for their divvies to come and hassle the demonstrators, which a few of them did. Skulking around like hyenas, waiting to pick off anyone they thought they could jump. Interesting though that the EDL claim they have nothing to do with the BNP when every-time one lot shows up the others are there too. They’re not hard to spot, most of them have a pretty unusual look on their gobs and you can smell them a mile off.

We stayed until after dark, having given most of the fascists a noisy send-off. Maybe they’ll let us know if they intend to have their conference in Liverpool next year and, given a bit more notice, I’m sure we’ll provide a real Liverpool welcome.

6 Responses to “BNP conference demo report”
  1. Nonny says:

    thumbs up 🙂

  2. Marmite says:

    The fascist in the dog collar was the self styled Reverend Robert West, former Conservative councillor for Lincoln and founder of the The Christian Council of Britain. The CCoB is yet another BNP front and it endorses all of the bigotry and hatred which makes that organisation so utterly unchristian.

    So far as is known West is not an ordained minister (see ) and the likelihood is that this individual has appropriated the title “Reverend” off his own bat and with no justification whatsoever.

    In other words he is about as phony as the rest of the BNP.

  3. Liverpool says:

    May i just ask what you hoped to achieve by your demonstration?

    Also, what did you hope to achieve by the occasional shout of “fascist” and “nazi scum”, they’re not going to travel 100’s of miles and suddenly turn away because someone in the street shouts at them.

  4. Marmite says:

    Well, Liverpool, we were hampered by the fact that the BNP failed to announce the conference venue in sufficient time for the anti-fascist left to mobilise properly. Had they done the decent thing and said which broom closet they were planning to use, we could have mounted a nationwide demonstration. That would have made the national media and alerted the populace of this sceptered isle to the evil lurking in its bosom.

    As it was, a small but determined band ensured that the Liverpool Echo and the north west regional tv media gave generous coverage to the protest, and that two local councillors, and the leader of the city council came down to support us. More important still, we ensured that residents surrounding the Cricketers were left in no doubt as to what goes on in there. Yes, everyone in the locality now realises that Liverpool BNP has the gall to hold regular monthly Nazi business meetings at the Cricketers, right in the middle of a respectable residential neighourhood.

    After last weekend no honest citizen within spitting distance will drink in the place ever again, or at least long as Brian Washington remains the landlord. From what I hear that won’t be very long at all, once the objections have been heard at the next licence application.

    • Liverpool says:

      I think that’s unfair for Mr Washington. I’m a mixed race labour supporter, but I still drink in the pub that the local BNP branch uses, the landlord doesn’t even support the BNP, he just rents it out to earn a living, nothing wrong with that, the same may well be true for Mr Washington. I think its far fetched to assume all of his locals will abandon him in any case.

  5. danny wavey says:

    What locals? You rent rooms for functions and so on..its not open like a normal pub.

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