BNP member denies he helped hold woman in Comber car park


A senior member of the BNP has denied that he helped hold a former employee of the party against her will in a car park in Comber.

Clive Jefferson also told an industrial tribunal he had not ordered the woman to falsify election expenses.

Marion Thomas is claiming unfair dismissal from her job at the party’s fundraising centre in Dundonald.

She said Mr Jefferson had ordered her to stamp unpaid bills as “paid”.

Mrs Thomas told the tribunal on Monday that she was sacked after questioning the party leader’s daughter Jennifer Mathys, for covering up a mistake made by her husband, Angus, which had cost hundreds of pounds.

Mr Jefferson, who is the BNP’s treasuer, told the hearing on Wednesday that Mrs Thomas was trying to damage the party.

He said he had travelled to Northern Ireland to compile the organisation’s financial returns following the 2010 general election.

He said he was “horrified” by the level of debt the party had accumulated. Cheque books and statements were missing and the returns he eventually made to the electoral commission were fully qualified, meaning he could not stand over them.

Mr Jefferson also denied claims by Mrs Thomas that he had helped members of the party hold her against her will in a lorry in Comber.

Her barrister Barry Mulqueen accused Mr Jefferson of being “dishonest”.

Judgement in the case was reserved.

 From BBC Northern Ireland. 02.11.11.


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