Far-right BNP were £275k in debt, office worker tells tribunal

A FINANCE worker has revealed that BNP bosses were £275,000 in debt – despite raking in millions from donors.

Administrator Marion Thomas, who organised the party’s fundraising centre in Northern Ireland, has also told of bitter in-fighting among factions of the far-right rabble.

Thomas, from Possil, Glasgow, made the claims during an employment tribunal hearing in which she is claiming unfair dismissal.

Her sister Ann is married to former party fundraiser Jim Dowson, from Cumbernauld, who had a major fall-out with leader Nick Griffin.

We told two weeks ago how Dowson had helped to launch a far-right party in Scotland at a secret meeting in Perth.

Thomas, 49, said: “They were very, very deeply in debt. I was to contact the suppliers to come to a manageable agreement with them.”

During the hearing, Thomas and her brother-in-law were blasted by BNP chiefs, who branded Dowson a “tyrant”.

Bnp party manager Adam Walker said: “Mr Dowson was a tyrannical manager and treated staff like dirt. If they didn’t work extra hours, they wouldn’t receive pay.”

Griffin’s political researcher Patrick Harrington said: “You have two very strong individuals – Jim and Nick. It was a very volatile, acrimonious situation.

“One minute they had fallen out, then they were friends again. Staff didn’t know whether they were coming or going.”

During a BBC Panorama programme last month, Thomas claimed BNP members held her hostage in a van near her home in Comber, County Down.

Thomas also accused BNP treasurer Clive Jefferson of falsifying financial documents. But he denied the claims at the tribunal.

He said: “This is all part of an attempt to damage the BNP and line their pockets.”

The tribunal will deliver its verdict next month.

From the Scottish Daily Record . 13.11.11. Report Stephen Stewart


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