London Far Right Mayoral Candidate Thinks Immigrants Will Ruin UK — And He’s From Uruguay

The fact that the Far Right British Nationalist Party (the BNP) is fielding a candidate from Uruguay in next year’s London mayoral elections has widely been regarded as farce, though of course the BNP don’t spin it like that.

Carlos Contigua

Instead, the BNP argue that the fact they have nominated Carlos Cortiglia, who emigrated from Uruguay to the UK in 1989 and has Spanish and Italian blood, is a good thing.

They are no longer a racist party, they hope to say, with its links to extremist groups like the National Front and its limit on membership to “indigenous Caucasian” people (non-white people were finally allowed to join in 2010).

However, as Snipe London points out, Cortiglia, the immigrant, thinks immigrants are going to ruin the UK. He writes on his blog just two months ago:

“Look at the partition of Yugoslavia. What has been the argument about who owns Kosovo? This is bound to happen in Britain, especially because they [immigrants] have been building ghettos that usually have their own language, their own customs and their own values. One day, we might find ourselves having to decide who own Birmingham, Leicester, Manchester, Liverpool and parts of London like Towers Hamlets and Barking and Dagenham or even London as a whole.”

So what is Cortiglia saying? Immigrants are bad, except from Uruguay? That the UK is heading to a Kosovo-style civil war? The mind boggles.

From Business Insider .  Story by Adam Taylor. 29.11.11

Editorial. If the BNP really had dropped its racist creed, Liverpool Antifascists could not be more delighted. Not only would that represent equal membership opportunities for everyone regardless of race or colour, it would neuter the miniscule shred of nazi barbarism, which is all that is left of the BNP. That is because fascism cannot exist and grow, and it cannot bind the indigenous population to its will, without creating a racial scapegoat.

Needless to say though, this is one issue where Nick Griffin can sleep easy in his bed. Cortigular, with his Spanish and Italian ancestry, is in the BNP’s eyes an “indigenous Caucasian”, and is therefore automatically segregated from all the “non-Caucasians” which infest their febrile imagination. My God, what a myopic view of humanity the one-eyed Griffin must have.

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  1. Lawrence Chan says:

    Is it worth commenting on?
    It is fact that give the man enough rope to hang himself with and he will as proved with his appearance on question time!

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