Oppose the BNP and EDL – Liverpool Crown Court, Monday 6 February

On Monday 6 February, the British National Party and English Defence League will be holding concurrent demonstrations outside Liverpool Crown Court.

These demonstrations are in response to the court appearance of 11 men from Rochdale, accused of operating a child sex ring. The crime they are accused of is a despicable one, and we will shed no tears if they are jailed for a very long time. Yet the far-right is demonstrating here because they happen to be of Asian origin.

The fascists are exploiting the abuse of children to promote their nationalist agenda. They claim that Asians and Muslims are more likely than any other group to abuse children and that there is a media blackout to cover up this fact. But how do they propose to change things? If there is less coverage of the issue than is deserved, it is precisely because the far-right use it to stir up racial and religious hatred. They use such horrific incidents to turn people against entire communities.

The vast majority of those arrested for sex crimes in the UK are White British. In the past year, the world’s attention has been drawn to the scandal of widespread child abuse by Catholic priests. Where was the fascists’ demand that the “white community” or “Christian community” be held accountable for these crimes? The fact is, they only show their face when they can pin the issue on Asians and Muslims.

These crimes are not an attack on white people by muslims or Asians, but on vulnerable children by sexual predators. Abuse of children is an indescribably revolting crime, whoever commits it. Racist spin won’t save children from abuse, and nor will the sick opportunism of the EDL.

Don’t let fascists exploit child abuse for political gain.

Oppose the BNP and EDL – assemble by the Victoria Monument, Derby Square, from 8.30am on Monday 6 February.

20 Responses to “Oppose the BNP and EDL – Liverpool Crown Court, Monday 6 February”
  1. Hawk64 says:

    If you are concerned about justice for the children abused in this vile episode,why not protest against the EDL and BFP AFTER the court has finished for the day.
    All you are doing is taking attention away from the atrocities commited by these men.
    Better still – don’t counter protest at all.
    There will be hundreds of pro EDL demos this year.
    Can’t you choose another one?
    This doesn’t reflect well on you at all really.

    • Phil Dickens says:

      No, we cannot “choose another one” or “wait until after.” It’s not as if the trial and any subsequent punishment won’t happen if the EDL don’t demonstrate. However, fascists – who have a track record of violence and racism – will be on the streets unopposed if we don’t. It’s really not that hard to grasp.

    • Smash Fascism says:

      What rubbish.

      “Allow the far right to garner support using child sex abuse, and come back another day when they have done their recruiting and strengthened their numbers”

      Come off it.

      In reality the far right are exploiting this case which should be about the individuals involved. They are exploiting the victims of this case who have already been exploited enough.

      The ones who should stay away are the BNP and EDL

  2. jones says:

    everyone knows its 47 muslim groomers attacking white girls and therefore they are the racists.
    none of the victims are asian muslim females, its common knowledge that asian groomers perceive kuffar women as easy meat.

    so sorry i don’t think i will defend these 47 nonce’s and good luck to the families of the victims.

    • Phil Dickens says:

      Nobody’s asking you to defend the 11 (only the far-right have said 47, so until a more trusted source confirms it I’ll stick with the official number) accused. We’re not defending them. The far-right are exploiting this case to recruit people to their cause.

    • Tony says:

      Well said Jones.

  3. Hawk64 says:

    Sorry for me it is too hard to grasp.
    Where do you stop?
    Do you disrupt a funeral? A wedding?, highlight someone who is seriously ill or even target their home just to make your point?
    There has to be a line,and taking attention away from this peadophile rings trial crosses it.
    FFS man,these are young children who’s lives are ruined forever and I’m sure the last thing their families want is to see all the media concentrating on you rather than getting the message out there that these gangs are real and operating with impunity all over Great Britain.
    Not to mention the families having to get through two groups of people having a go at each other.
    Have a think.
    Let this one go and let the EDL protest.
    Who are the public going to side with?
    The EDL protesting against paedophile rings,or your group seemingly supporting the accussed.
    I’m sure you don’t support child abuse of course but what are the public going to think?

    • Phil Dickens says:

      How are we taking attention away? According to the fash, there’s a media blackout, so mass demonstrations outside will draw attention to it.

      Let this one go and let the EDL protest.

      Err, no. Do fascists let any go and let the left protest? No, they attack, agitate and stir up hatred at every opportunity and will continue to do so as long as they can get away with it, emboldened if they face no opposition. That is the nature of fascism, and that is what this group exists to oppose.

  4. andy swingler says:

    you claim to represent the working class,yet most working class people would see people raising the profile of these abuse cases as a good thing.if you truly represented the views of the working class,you would be out protesting that some families on benefits are better off than the vast majority of me and my colleagues at our foundry..definately an own goal for yourselves

    • Phil Dickens says:

      It’s not just raising the profile, though, is it? It’s HOW the profile was raised. This is a FASCIST group protesting purely because the accused happen to be ASIAN and likely MUSLIM. It’s a racist agenda that distorts the issue, exploits the abuse and gives succor to a violent ideology which sees people victimised and attacked on the streets for their ethnicity and religion.

  5. Whitey says:

    They must all be paedophile’s aswell if they are going to protect them, what if it was one of your kids, some people seriously need to open their eyes!

    • Phil Dickens says:

      Err, we’re not protecting them. If it was one of my kids, I’d still tell fascists to fuck off – I don’t want their ordeal exploited to promote the warped agenda of the BNP and EDL.

  6. DS says:

    Why not just leave politics out of it and oppose nonces?

  7. mark says:

    I think you just being there will give the wrong message to peadophiles. Regardless of their religion or colour, nonces should recieve no glimmer of hope. Political or otherwise.

    If the EDL are Facists or thugs, I don’t care. I would throw this scum to the wolves and the dogs. It is becoming apparent (Jack Straw touched on the problem in a very pc way), panorama, channel 4, the home secretary etc, have all expressed concern that there may be a prominent problem with grooming amongst Asian (Muslim) gangs.

    Yes, white people, black people and chineese, commit these crimes too. But never have I seen a group oppose the protesters outside a court.

    Peadophiles, no rules and no support.

    • antifa99 says:

      “It is becoming apparent (Jack Straw touched on the problem in a very pc way), panorama, channel 4, the home secretary etc, have all expressed concern that there may be a prominent problem with grooming amongst Asian (Muslim) gangs.”

      Odd. Could have sworn the EDL said there was a “media blackout” on the issue.

      “Yes, white people, black people and chineese, commit these crimes too. But never have I seen a group oppose the protesters outside a court.”

      The EDL are only interested in Asian pedophiles, because they are only interested in scapegoating Muslims for everything they see wrong in the world.

      “If the EDL are Facists or thugs, I don’t care.”

      Many of us, clearly, do care. Fascism is a violent and brutal ideology that would tear our communities apart. It has everything to do with power, and nothing whatsoever to do with protecting children. We were there to oppose and expose the EDL for the sick political opportunists that they are.

  8. Why are both the BNP and EDL turning up in the first place? This is a criminal matter being dealt with in a criminal court by a criminal justice system. As Phil Dickens quite rightly says both the BNP and EDL are exploiting – and therefore revicitimising – the victims in this particular case. Phil is also right to say that neither the BNP or EDL demonstrate when alleged groomers and abusers are White British males. Ultimately, with the amount of known paedophiles within both the BNP and EDL, these two groups hypocrisy by planning to turn up tomorrow outside the court building is staggering. So it’s absolutely right that locals are mobilised in Liverpool to counter-demonstrate against both groups, as neither are prepared not to demonstrate themselves and leave justice to the justice system. If guilty then the 11 will be punished quite rightly by a court – and like Phil I won’t cry any tears for them either. But skin pigmentation is not and can never be the defining factor in cases like this. Nor can exploitation and hate filled propaganda be allowed to influence the outcome. Or worse prejudice the public case against the alleged groomers. How much worse would it be for the alleged victims if their alleged abusers walked free, courtesy of the BNP and EDL?!

  9. Thorson says:

    Call us in the English Defence League what you will, but our numbers
    and public support out weigh anything you want to throw at us.
    Our numbers are more than you could ever muster, and you know it.
    By being at Court we are hoping to get a response from the media,
    therefore getting this story noticed more in the public eye, oh, just
    one more thing, just how many millions did your god stalin wipe out again???

    • antifa99 says:

      Mustering 150 at the very most for a *national* mobilisation is pathetic. How many marched against student tuition fees? How many marched in defense of pensions? Half a million trade unionists marched in London last year against austerity. Where were the EDL then? Nowhere, or else shouting from the sidelines hysterically about ‘reds’.

      If your public support is so overwhelming, why were people throwing your leaflets back in your face?

      Please direct me to the wealth of media attention you generated, because as far as I can tell their isn’t any.

    • Johnny Heartbreaker says:

      Stalin? I think you’ll find that’s Leon Trotsky, an early advocate of Red Army intervention against European fascism, who opposed Stalin’s non-aggression pact with Adolf Hitler in the late 1930s, and who was assassinated on Stalin’s orders. The ONLY thing that the EDL does is to take the word ‘Stupid’ to a whole new level – and your pointless demonstration in Liverpool did nothing more than bring the case close to a mistrial. Something which I’m sure that the victims, the victims families and the victims friends wouldn’t thank you for. As for EDL numbers you’re having a laugh right. You’re a dying organisation. Along with the BNP. Most have left you in favour of the Infidels, Casuals Utd, British Freedom Party, British Peoples Party, The English Democrats, UKIP, National Front, CxF or The New Right. As for public support, again, you’re kidding right. The majority of the public abhore you (including the armed forces) and simply see you for what you are: a motley loose collection of violent racist football thugs who hide a collection of paedophiles, drug dealers and criminals within their own ranks.

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