Anti-fascist coordinating meeting, Sunday 4 March

An emergency appeal to all anti-fascists and anti-racists : We need to respond to the increasing threat of the far-right. On Monday 6th February the British National Party (BNP) and English Defence League (EDL) along with other racists and fascists, were able to hold a confident, 100-strong demonstration , outside the hearing of a child … Continue reading

Fascist rioting in Rochdale

The Maldon Standard reports that an Asian takeaway has become the target of violence in the Heywood area of Rochdale. No further details are given, but from what is being reported through Facebook and Twitter it looks as though those involved are connected to the North West Infidels and similar far-right groups, who believe the takeaway … Continue reading

Fascist threats against Occupy Liverpool come to nothing

Given the dreadful events of the weekend, it’s worth noting that whilst the far-right have treated my blog as an admission of defeat, it was actually a wake up call. Moreover, judging by what took place tonight, it’s a wake up call that is being taken seriously. Tonight, Occupy Liverpool had called a General Assembly … Continue reading

Fascists score a win on the streets of Liverpool

This was originally posted here on Sunday. It has been edited before re-posting to reflect the delay in getting it onto this site. On Saturday, a mob of between 150-250 fascists ran free on the streets of Liverpool. As well as hounding a tiny demonstration against police brutality out of Derby Square, they were able … Continue reading

EXPOSED: The vile racist rants of Liverpool English Defence League coordinator Kurtis Cawley

A SECURITY guard and English Defence League activist was sacked after he left pork scratchings outside a Liverpool supermarket – in a bid to deter Muslim customers. Kurtis Cawley will no longer be stationed at Tesco Metro, in Kensington, after his racist rants were revealed. The Liverpool EDL co-ordinator showed no quarter in vile online … Continue reading

BNP leader Nick Griffin called to give evidence at employment tribunal

  Michelle Harrington has accused Andrew Brons of sexual and religious discrimination and unfair dismissal. BNP leader Nick Griffin has been called to give evidence at a Scottish employment tribunal between a punk singer and far right politician. Michelle Harrington – also known as Mish Bondage – has accused the BNP’s Andrew Brons of sexual … Continue reading

Creation of new far-right group sparks outrage

A furious row has flared after it emerged that approval has been granted to the formation of an alliance of seven European extreme right wing political parties. These include the British National Party (BNP), which had two MEPs elected in the last European elections, the French Front National and Hungary’s Jobbik. The new pan-European grouping, … Continue reading

MY TIME IN THE BNP By Claudia Dalgleish

Editorial. In the ordinary run of things, Liveraf wouldn’t use a blog from a former BNP member as toilet paper, especially when its author turns out to be an unrepentant Afrikaner nationalist! This one however is extremely interesting for it gives the lowdown on Claudia Dalgleish’s time as a BNP attack dog. IE., someone who systematically trolls … Continue reading

Ex-BNP chiefs accused of £1m fraud on GLA and taxman

Senior British National Party members took part in a “long-term criminal enterprise” to defraud the Greater London Authority and HM Revenue and Customs, according to court papers. Richard Barnbrook, the £53,000-a-year member of the London Assembly, was involved in a complex fraud where bankrupt firms were allowed to continue trading, defrauding the taxman and other … Continue reading

Opposing the fascists in Liverpool

Today, national mobilisations of the British National Party, the English Defence League and the Infidels descended on Liverpool. Ostensibly there to draw attention to the trial of a suspected paedophile gang, they were in fact exploiting the case to promote their respective brands of nationalism. Their presence was met with opposition by local anti-fascists. When … Continue reading