Fascist rioting in Rochdale

The Maldon Standard reports that an Asian takeaway has become the target of violence in the Heywood area of Rochdale.

No further details are given, but from what is being reported through Facebook and Twitter it looks as though those involved are connected to the North West Infidels and similar far-right groups, who believe the takeaway to be linked to the paedophile case currently being heard at Liverpool Crown Court. Fascist facebook pages report mobs of men on the streets and a number of Asian businesses being targetted.

Whether the targets are actually linked to the case or not is unknown. The danger being that innocent parties will be caught up in the violence, highly likely given just how volatile the subject matter is and the existing propensity of fascists to attack anything they can get away with when mobbed up.

When we have more concrete information on events, we will report it…


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