Saturday 24 March – Bolton

The North West Infidels announced today that their demonstration on Saturday 24 March will be in Bolton. As mentioned in our previous call out, Liverpool Antifascists are mobilising against them and urge anti-fascists across the country to do the same.

If you are travelling from Liverpool, we have transport available. All that we ask is that anybody wishing to join us sends an email to to confirm their place and provides £6.50 towards the cost of transport. Thanks to those comrades who have already done so.

Recent events have shown that the NWI and their ilk have no interest in political respectability. They are openly violent and racist, and their stated desire is to defeat the left and control the streets by force. For these reasons, they need to be opposed wherever they go.

See you on the 24th.

Liverpool Antifascists

7 Responses to “Saturday 24 March – Bolton”
  1. Jock Shearer says:

    mobilise for Bolton already on it….

  2. hello, just been looking at your facebook page via a link posted by my friend regarding this sat in bolton. i really cannot come tomorrow although i would love to, but i’ve been involved in left wing politics for a long time and i want to get back into active involvement, especially with the current economic climate as i am well aware that fascist ideology thrives in a recession. i was wondering if you know if there is a group in my local area, lancaster and morecambe, or failing that if there are ways i could become involved in your group or anything really that i could do to help? i strongly feel we are living in very frightening times for social justice and for the working class, and i already blog about these issues. therefore i feel now more than ever it’s vital to stand up and be counted. many thanks. michelle brown ps, i initially sent this to your email address but it bounced back?

    • Marmite says:


      Lancaster Unity was active in your part of the world up until a few months ago. However, like several other anti-fascist groups it seems to have wound itself down. I’m not sure to what extent this phenomenon is due to the demise of the BNP. But if anyone thinks fascism is now going to go away they are, I’m afraid, in for a very rude awakening.

  3. alice monroe says:

    What time does the protest start and finish in bolton saturday 24 march?
    will the protest be in bolton town centre at night?

  4. Liz Berry says:

    will the protest take part in Bolton 24th March 2012 at night?

  5. anon says:

    some of you need to get out more

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