Liverpool people won’t back the Front

THERE is a lot to be said for listing things in alphabetical order – as the names of election candidates are on ballot papers.

It is a tried and trusted – and, frankly, obvious – formula to use. And it’s one which should have been used on a council leaflet about the mayoral election which will soon be dropping onto the doormats of thousands of Liverpool homes.

But it wasn’t and, instead, the first material to confront the voters will be from National Front candidate Peter Tierney.

The convicted criminal and the pitiful excuse for a political party he will represent found themselves on the top of the pile after the dozen candidates were invited to pick lots.

One of the joys of democracy is that people of any political persuasion – or perversion, in the case of the National Front and the BNP – can stand for election. It’s just a shame that the National Front will now be able to brag about being “the first among equals” in relation to this promotional literature.

But, perhaps, in the interests of democracy, we should remind ourselves of the extreme views of the abhorrent National Front.

On its website, it states: “The National Front upholds the wish of the majority of British people for Britain to remain a white country.”

And it adds: “Consequently the National Front would halt all non-white immigration into Britain and introduce a policy of phased and humane repatriation.”

Yes, it beggars belief – the National Front using the word “humane.”

But, thankfully, the overwhelming majority of Liverpool people aren’t intolerant, hate-filled fools – which is why the NF, as well as the BNP, will be sent packing on May 3.

From the Liverpool Echo . 06.04.12

Editorial. The Liverpool Echo is not noted as a campaigning newspaper. Indeed, we at Liveraf cannot recall a single incident where it has supported the workers against the bosses, or the downtrodden against the well shod, or common sense and justice against the cost cutting antics of the present government. Nevertheless, in their expose of this marriage of a “convicted criminal” to a pathetic bunch far right losers and lunatics, we can only say more power to their elbow.

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