Meet Joe Killen – Tranmere and Birkenhead BNP candidate

The British National Party is fielding just one candidate in the Wirral – Joe Killen, standing for Tranmere and Birkenhead ward. Anti-fascists in Liverpool will know Killen as a mate of Liam Pinkham, who has been in every local neo-Nazi group going and is latterly of the North West Infidels and National Front.

For residents of the ward, however, the old cliché that “a picture is worth a thousand words” is definitely true. Meet your local BNP candidate.

Joe Killen (left) with Karl McKeown of Nazi band Street Drunk Punks

Joe Killen (left) and Rob Phillips in the Krazyhouse, Liverpool

Joe Killen (right) with fellow neo-Nazi Luke Smith

Joe Killen - crouching, second from left, in a green Dropkick Murphy's t-shirt - at a meeting of the now defunct Liverpool Front

19 Responses to “Meet Joe Killen – Tranmere and Birkenhead BNP candidate”
  1. Cox says:

    “You still think swastikas look cool?
    In the real fourth reich, you’ll be the first to go.”

  2. Dropkick a Nazi in the face Murphy. says:

    Nazi punks fuck off.

    Can’t believe squiggles. What a nob.

  3. Peter Parker says:

    it’s a pretty good indicator of the level of your average nazi mentality that they are thick enough to wear the shirt of a band who have extreme opposing political beliefs. bit like smiley culture wearing a skrewdriver shirt innit.

  4. Liverpool October 1917 Brigade says:

    Dont fascists get that the Dropkick Murphys support leftist causes? (e.g. they lean towards Irish Repulicanism, Trade Unionism, workers causes etc). Always makes me laugh when I see fasc idiots supporting the Murphys. Plebs dont even understand the music they listen to nevermind politics.

  5. Chomsky says:

    Maybe they’re more interested in good music than the beliefs held by band members

  6. Ashamed Ex-Facist says:

    I know Joe, Squiggs, Karl McKeown (AKA John Smith) in the bottom photo the guy farthest to the right with the dark jacket and the sweatpants is Harvey (his dad was in “A Flock Of Seagulls” the band) Will Pulman.

    Im not gonna proclaim to be an angel, I used to hang with these fellas. Funniest part about their “Liverpool Front” is that the leader of their lil gang a few years back was a lad who is half chinese half vietnamese. they also had me hanging with them, im irish. And a girl with half muslim background.

    Im ashamed of some of the things i said and done back then, i was angry and stupid and took it out on whatever i could, i made mistakes, as all humans do. But i’m trying to make it right.

    • Alexander B. says:

      Harvey was a nice kid until he started hanging around with ‘mad’ Tony (striped jumper, crouched in front), who is a vile excuse for a person and a would-be rapist if he could handle his alcohol. Fortunately, he can’t.

      • Gordon Black-Stanley says:

        That picture was just a birthday bbq that these have put out as a nationalist meeting, Make no mistake Harvey has never been involved in anything of the sort, his mother is mixed race ffs!

      • tony milnes says:

        Who the fuck ru to call me vile u dnt even no me and that pic im in is joe bday bbq it wasnt my choice who was invited an im not left or right race colour or creed dnt bother me jus because im in a photo dnt mean shit so get ur facts right

  7. Proud National Socialist says:

    wow, just because some people have nationalist veiws you brand them a facist, the UAF and ‘anti facists’ are a joke, they have no real goals of their own other than to turn up to demos and atempt to disrupt patriots, you are a joke. National Socialism isnt about promoting hate its about promoting love for your race and nation and because you narrow minded people cant see that you make us your enemy and we will happily stand our ground and defend our land til our dying breath.

    • Laylay says:

      What a load of crap. What love do you lot ever promote? All I’ve ever seen you lot do is spew hate and threaten violence. Why else do you think people oppose you? You say you promote love but ask yourself something; What do you actually do that betters the lives of the people in your community? Don’t bother replying to me I already know the answer.

    • Laylay says:

      Oh and it’s ‘Fascist’ not ‘facist’. You’re getting confused with ‘racist’, but don’t worry it’s easy to see why you’d get confused.

  8. One of the lads who hangs around with that Joe Killen group, “magoo” ( Mike Kinear), is one of the kids a few years ago who was charged with kicking over all the CHILDREN’S grave sites in Wallasey cemetery. You’ll notice his trendy moniker is a homage to one of the FICTITIOUS CHARACTERS in one of the films that touch on “Neo Nazism”

    They truly are a gang miscreants. Shame on the people responsible for bringing up these cretins. As for Killen actually standing for a parliament seat; it’s completely laughable, and I’m shocked the BNP have been so stupid as to let him stand and I sincerely hope that these pictures of him “do the rounds” – I assumed you needed intellect, charisma, and be astute and creative to be a public figure- good luck with that one Joe Killen.

    All that nonsense about “our race” and “our ground” – get with the programme. We are Britain- we came, we saw, we conquered (the British empire) and we can’t have audacity to be aggrieved when multitudes of different races have followed us back to the motherland; and settled into our society. This is a society. We don’t live alone. If you don’t like it, then take a leaf out of my book, and leave.

    If all this right wing bullshit is to be believed; then when the race war comes, and the 2.8 million muslims in Britain turn on us; I look forward to seeing you lot in your boots and braces; and harringtons taking up arms against our enemies. Although, it’s not going to be like when there’s 15 of you, and one or two ethnic orientated people on a train. You’ll probably be numerically matched; and it’ll be FAIR. Good luck with that hyenas.

    Watching shit films, and then wanting to emulate what you’ve seen in the hope you’ll get laid; is harmless enough; monkey see, moron do- but thanks to American History X, This is England, Romper stomper etc – There’s a continuous flow of “new blood” wanting in on this abysmal fad. These little fashion phases that kids go through are usually harmless enough; but when they’re going around in large gangs, and out numbering and attacking people who don’t share their views/anger them; then a line needs to be drawn. You can’t blame the film makers really; again it stems back to the people who have brought up these knuckle heads.

  9. Karma says:

    Karl McKeown (AKA John Smith) ironically works for a Jewish family.

  10. Gee says:

    You really have no idea about socialism, communism or anarchism, do you? Crawl back under your rock. National Socialism is inherently fascist:

    Fascists seek rejuvenation of their nation based on commitment to an organic national community where its individuals are united together as one people in national identity by suprapersonal connections of ancestry, culture, and blood through a totalitarian single-party state that seeks the mass mobilization of a nation through discipline, indoctrination, physical education, and eugenics.[3][4] Fascism seeks to purify the nation of foreign influences that are deemed to be causing degeneration of the nation or of not fitting into the national culture.[5]


    Sounds about right, you have to concede. Unless this working definition of objective fact is suddenly a Marxist conspiracy, too?

  11. Average Joe says:

    You should all be aware that half of the people in the group photo haven’t the slightest interest in national socialism and were just there for the barbecue and distanced themselves soon after for lack of belief.

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