BNP candidate’s vile race slurs

 BNP candidate Paul Telford (left) with party leader Nick Griffin

BNP candidate Paul Telford (left) with party leader Nick Griffin
 A BNP candidate has been caught posting vile racist comments and images of swastikas on a social networking website.

 Paul Telford, 52, a candidate in next month’s local elections, also posted a doctored photo of a baby in a Nazi uniform – complete with an Adolf Hitler-style moustache.

Telford, who is running for election in the Thatto Heath ward in the borough-wide May 3 vote, was caught out making a series of foul-mouthed racist comments on the Facebook social networking website by Hope Not Hate campaigners.

The comments – deemed too offensive for publication – included hate-filled postings about foreign doctors and migrant workers.

Telford, who claims to run the BNP’s north west security team and is a regular bodyguard to party leader Nick Griffin, also claimed it was time for a civil war and vented his fury about feeling like “a second-class citizen”.

BNP Candidate Paul Telford

Simon Cressy, a spokesman for the anti-racism group Hope not Hate, said: “Paul Telford might often wear a suit and tie, but underneath he is just the same BNP candidate we see time and time again.

“The fact he is so close to BNP leader Nick Griffin speaks volumes. The people of St Helens deserve better.”

But a spokesman for the British National Party leapt to Telford’s defence.

He said: “You’ve got to ask yourself why this is suddenly being dragged up now? Is it simply because Paul is a BNP candidate in the local elections?

“Hope Not Hate are a politically-motivated group.

“This is nothing more than a means of disparaging a rival candidate in a bid to keep others in a position where they can access public money.”

It’s not the first time a BNP candidate in St Helens has been caught out via online postings.

Last year, BNP candidate James Winstanley threatened to post excrement through a St Helens voter’s letterbox after she shouted at him as he was out leafleting.

Perhaps unsurprisingly Winstanley is not standing for election this year.

From the St Helens Reporter19.04.12


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