Pictures emerge of Wirral BNP candidate in Hitler salute pose

Joe Killen, left, gives Heil Hitler salute   Picture by Chloe Pattie

Joe Killen, left, gives Heil Hitler salute Picture by Chloe Pattie

WIRRAL’S only BNP candidate says he “no longer has time for Nazism” after photographs emerged of him performing the infamous Heil Hitler salute.

Joe Killen, who is standing in local elections for Birkenhead and Tranmere ward, was shown in a series of pictures with his right arm raised to imitate the salute of allegiance to the German Führer.

And in one image, Mr Killen is photographed standing with another man in front of a wall with graffiti reading “White Power”.

However, following the picture’s publication on anti-racist online blog “Hope Not Hate” Wirral’s BNP spokesman dismissed Mr Killen’s actions as “pranks” and insisted that he has since matured.

The spokesman said: “Joe says it was a long time ago and he’s grown up now, and he no longer has any time for Nazism.

“We think it’s better to integrate angry young men in the democratic process rather than to leave them out on their own.

“Also, if the Leftist media didn’t keep on and on about the Nazis, everyone would have forgotten them by now.

“It’s all in the past and fortunately it’s going to stay there.”

But Simon Cressy from Hope Not Hate said Mr Killen and his colleagues are trying to “pretend” they are not racist in a bid to pick up votes.

He said: “The BNP have tried to con the voters recently by wearing a suit and tie in the vain attempt of pretending they are ‘respectable, non-racist’ politicians.

The British National Party is fielding Mr Killen in the forthcoming local elections on May 3, while its leader Nick Griffin represents the borough in the European Parliament as a Northwest MEP.

From  the Wirral Globe . 19.04.12

Editorial. It is strange that the Globe should have felt the need to contact Hope Not Hate over this, since Liveraf broke the story several days ago, and used the self same photograph which appears above. What’s more we are right on the Globe’s doorstep. While it’s nice to see the Globe helping with Joe Killen’s publicity campaign, if they’d come to us, we could have told them some very interesting facts about this candidate.

Moreover, despite the BNP spokesman’s claims that Mr Killen’s flirtation with Nazism “was a long time ago”, the photo caption says it was taken by one Chloe Pattie. A brief surf of the Internet gives her current age as 21, and reveals that until last year she was a photography diploma student at Southport College. Reading between the lines it appears to have been taken as part of an assignment for her diploma  A long time ago? Doesn’t sound like it to us. Doesn’t sound like Killen has changed his spots or his Hitler salute either.

4 Responses to “Pictures emerge of Wirral BNP candidate in Hitler salute pose”
  1. Johnathan banger says:

    As a friend of chloes i think you will find she left college in 2010 and the date on the original raw image of this file says 2008 so i think you seem to have your facts mistaken again.

  2. Marmite says:

    Like I said, our surmisal was based on a brief (and inconclusive) survey of the Internet. Nevertheless, we at Liveraf know Joe Killen, and we can tell you without the slightest shadow of a doubt whether or not he has changed his allegiances.

    Regarding the date of the photograph, this may be so, but you have offered no proof whatsoever. Until that proof is forthcoming I can find no reason whatsoever to believe you. Moreover, if you take a look around the Liveraf site you will find several more photographs of Mr. Killen showing his greasy armpits. It seems to be quite a habit of his.

    BTW. You say we have our facts mistaken again. This suggests you have found a precedent. Could you say where?

  3. Scousealerta says:

    shes in Sheffield Uni now

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