Peter Tierney nicked AGAIN after Infidels demonstration at Liverpool Crown Court

Today’s Liverpool Echo leads with the news that National Front mayoral candidate Peter Tierney has been arrested and charged with a public order offence. This follows a demonstration by around thirty National Front / North West Infidels members outside Liverpool Crown Court.

The demonstration was related to the trial of those accused of being part of a paedophile ring in Rochdale. The jury retired to consider the evidence yesterday and the verdict is due tomorrow. The case has been a focus of attention for fascists in the North West mainly because of the ethnicity and (presumed) religion of the suspects. The official reasoning for this being that there is an official blackout on sex crimes by Asians and/or Muslims, which they are fighting against – which seems spurious given that there has been plenty of coverage in the media both of this case and of the supposed phenomenon of “Muslim paedophile gangs.”

Nonetheless, the case inspired a 100-strong demonstration following national mobilisations from the British National Party, English Defence League, Combined Ex Forces and Infidels of Britain back in February. During this, the suspects in the case were attacked by the fascists after being caught posing outside the courts. Nothing to shed tears over there, though the same can’t be said of the subsequent rioting in Rochdale.

As is often the case with cases of child abuse, there was little difficulty in whipping up hysteria which risked hurting plenty of innocent people alongside the guilty. It has emerged that the shops targeted in the night of violence had nothing to do with the court case. The one with a possible connection now has a new owner, whilst others were hit in the rampage simply for being nearby and Asian-owned. Yet the fascists continued to point the finger and stir things up, for the simple reason that this is an easy rallying call for them and facts are easily lost in the heat of a riot.

Aware of this volatile combination, it appears that yesterday Merseyside Police were taking no chances. They were enforcing a Section 27 dispersal order, which gave them the powers to arrest people for not sticking to a designated protest zone, alongside a Section 60 AA which said that face coverings had to be removed under police orders.

As a result, National Front (formerly BNP) members Peter and Andrew Tierney, Phil Marriott and Karen Otty were all arrested and charged with breaching the order. 16 year old army cadet Stephen Dumont received a youth reprimand whilst a 22 year old man from Wallasey – presumably Liam Pinkham since it’s very rare he has a demo where he doesn’t get nicked – was given a caution.

What exactly they intended to do at the court besides cause trouble isn’t known. Having already attacked the suspects and threatened their solicitors – risking the case being thrown out – it seems the Infidels have now lost focus. Their signs yesterday declared “British Jobs for British Workers” and “End Social Housing Shame” – nothing at all to do with the horrific crimes on trial in the court where they were protesting. Which only underlines that this case is political capital for them rather than about any kind of real support for the victims.

The Infidels have vowed to return to the court tomorrow, for when the jury gives its verdict. Given what has already happened, and the public call out on Facebook, it will be interesting to see how the police handle them. More importantly, it will be good to see the end of this case and hopefully – despite the fascists’ wrecking tactics – justice done for the victims of these horrible crimes.

9 Responses to “Peter Tierney nicked AGAIN after Infidels demonstration at Liverpool Crown Court”
  1. Just me.. says:

    Peter was falsely arrested while handing out leaflets on behalf of his mayoral campaign and he and the 2 others was leaving the area when aressted even after telling the police sergant several times that we where nothing to do with the protest and only there for his mayoral campaign but this was ignored. And so what if we decide to protest about these peadophilles? They come into our country and gangrape out children and you expect us to sit back and do nothing but when we do show our support for the victims, all you do is shout ‘nazi scum’. You ruin the name of proud patriots and nationalists

    • Phil Dickens says:

      Show support for the victims? Fuck off, you nearly prejudiced the case!

      Also, I’m no fan of the police but the Section 14 around the courts was in place because your lot attacked barristers outside the court. When you’re all by the courts again on the day the trial ends, they’re going to expect you’re there for the same thing. Pretty much made your own bed with that one, Matty.

    • Goat777Face says:

      All you do is shout “paki scum” or whatever. Don’t try to make out your little bitch-fit outside the courts ia some form of activism. That’s not protesting, it’s not advocating change.
      If you were that serious about this sort of thing, you would become a barrister, a police officer, a social worker, probabation officer… any type of job that is involved in these sorts of cases.
      By taking part in the bitch-fit, using it as an excuse to further your ‘political’ ambitions, you give a great insult to the victims and their families.

      • Just me.. says:

        You mean ‘peadophille scum’ because they are, we were outside the courts to let people know exactly whats happening inside and what these men are responsible of and we are meant the be an insult by informing the public about these atrocious crimes against human nature, and phil why do you think its acceptable to shout ‘nazi scum’ at nationalists and patriots?

        • Phil Dickens says:

          You mean people can’t read the news? Or that you lot standing around with a flag looking dejected was more informative? Hahaha.

          You signed on in earlier comments as “Proud National Socialist,” so you are Nazi Scum. Deal.

        • Just me.. says:

          Oh and phil, peter was walking away from the area when he got arrested and there is a video on youtube showing so, this is just more proof that there is no freedom in this country for nationalists and patriots and how one sided things really are, we believe in freedom of speech for all but as youve shown you dont, all you lot are supporting is the degeneration of Britain

          • Just me.. says:

            we do more than jut stand there, we hand out flyers/leaflets informing others about the peadophillia that is hidden in todays society by the media itself, e.g. the 35 convicted peadophilles in the labour party, I myself am a National Socialist and proud of that so call me Nazi scum if you want i dont care but bear in mind we fight for mostly the same cause we both oppose capitalism but i believe our land should still belong to the British hence the name Britain, I am a proud nationalist and a proud socialist the only difference between me and you is that I have pride in my country and my people.

          • Phil Dickens says:

            No, the difference between me and you is that I believe in organising the working class to take direct action against the bosses and capitalism whilst you believe in dividing the class along racial and national lines in the name of all this flag waving Nazi horseshit. We don’t fight for the same cause at all.

          • Phil Dickens says:

            “we believe in freedom of speech for all” Err, no you don’t. You might want to check with your comrades who want to censor us (and arrest and hang us) because our freedom of speech is supposedly “anti-British.” Muppet.

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