Anti-Fascist Network formed

A national network of militant anti-fascists has been formed.

An Introduction to AFN:

An Anti-Fascist Network is being built by independent and grassroots groups seeking to working together against the rise of fascism in our communities.

Over the last year alone, the English Defence League (EDL) have held as many as 20 marches or static protests and attempted to disrupt anti-racist meetings andbenefit gigs. Anti-fascists have opposed the EDL wherever they go and continue to shut down BNP meetings, but we should be more effective. The aim of the Anti-Fascist Network is to support local actions, ensuring that anti-fascists are never outnumbered, join together to counter regional and national EDL events, share resources and provide legal support.

The Anti-Fascist Network is not about telling people how to campaign in their areas, what type of anti-fascist activity they should undertake or what political analysis they should adopt. We simply want to cooperate to defeat fascism and organised racism.

The Anti-Fascist Network is non-hierarchical, will never work with the police and is not affiliated to any political party.

Brighton Anti-Fascists, Portsmouth Anarchists, Plymouth Antifa, Welsh Antifa, 3 Counties Anti-Fascist Alliance , Liverpool Antifascists, Wessex Solidarity, Bristol Antifascists, Nottingham Antifascists and ALARM ask you to join us and become part of the Anti-Fascist Network.
10 Responses to “Anti-Fascist Network formed”
  1. Sonia Gable says:

    An excellent development with principles — non-hierarchical, independent and not working with the police — that I entirely support.

  2. Def says:

    Excellent, this is a step in the right direction.

  3. redmilo92 says:

    Am somewhat confused, you say its been formed, which would suggest its a newly brought together network, yet the site has posts dating back to last year?

    • rich says:

      Yea, we formed the network just over a year ago but with only 4 groups over the southcoast and wales. Organising and building trusted relationships takes time. we are only just getting it together properly now (the blog was set up after the first meeting but then left alone for a long time) hope that makes sense.

  4. Retired militant says:

    Thanks for the support Sonia but I don’t think your credentials as someone who supports not working with the police will stand up to much scrutiny. Hopefully the Anti-Fascist Network will be giving Searchlight Magazine a wide berth.

    • Sonia Gable says:

      I understand your concern. My comment was made in a personal capacity. We don’t all think the same on working with the police. However Searchlight has changed following the split with Hope Not Hate. We will continue to support antifascists in the magazine and our website and continue to gather intelligence on the activities of the fascists and report on them. You might have noticed that we supported participation in the anti-EDL demo in Luton last weekend and reported it positively afterwards, whereas Hope Not Hate ignored it at all times.

  5. redmilo92 says:

    Cheers Rich, thought it would be something like that.

    Can I just say, although I do feel the need for a network like this, there already seems to be some hypocrisy within it. The intro says ‘The Anti-Fascist Network is not about telling people how to campaign in their areas, what type of anti-fascist activity they should undertake’ yet we’re already saying we won’t be involved with Searchlight people, which is a recognisable (if flawed at points) part of anti-fascism in the UK currently.

    • Hey, sorry for the late reply, i been away. Yea we agreed on the wording ‘The Anti-Fascist Network is not about telling people how to campaign in their areas, what type of anti-fascist activity they should undertake’

      This is because as a network we will look to support other groups within the network that want to organise with us. So lets say If Portsmouth Anarchists wanted to bring people together for a demo down south, but due to their small numbers they chose to work with the UAF as well, we should still support them. I should point out however that as individuals people of course have the right to pull out if they are not happy with a scenario, we are against all forms of coercion! I would Imagine that most people looking to get involved in the Network would do so because the bigger organisations are extremely limited due to working with the police and politicians.

      The politics of anti-fascism in a place like Liverpool I imagine are completely different from that in Portsmouth, and are best understood by the groups that organise there. If Liverpool AF have the numbers and can choose who they work with then thats great, if they do choose to work with searchlight in the future (not saying they ever would) then I’d still come out to support em as they know the area best and the best way to organise in it! Fuck me, I hope that all makes sense!

      • Sonia Gable says:

        To clarify, Searchlight is a magazine, we carry out research and analysis, and comment on the fascists’ activities; we occasionally put on a meeting, but we do not have the capacity to organise demos. We will support antifascist actions, and report and give our view on them (where we can), whether or not anyone asks us to. If people want to work with us, we’ll respond, if not that’s fine and we’re still here. We think we are good at antifascist investigation and hope antifascists will agree that ditching all the Hope Not Hate stuff has improved the magazine. I repeat, Anti-Fascist Network is a great idea and is needed.

  6. malatesta32 says:

    excellent stuff. good luck. shall be in touch shortly. M

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