Marked Man – Hitler Tattoo Neo Nazi Arrested

A Swiss neo-Nazi wanted for attempted murder was easy to identify by police after he fled to Germany because his body is covered in Nazi symbols, including a huge picture of Hitler tattooed on his chest.

Sebastian Nussbaumer, 24, left his victim hospitalised after a shooting incident in Zurich at the weekend.

But after a tipoff he was heading to Hamburg by train, 40 German police officers sealed off the train station and arrested the man who was armed with a pistol as he climbed onto the platform.

Displaying Nazi symbols including the symbol on his forearm representing Hitler’s paramilitary force is illegal in Germany. Next to the tattoo of Hitler there was a swastika – and on his neck a hand grenade and a spider’s web symbolic of an SS division. The tattoos mean that as well as the attempted murder charges in Switzerland he may well have to face charges in Germany for which he could also be jailed for glorifying the crimes of the Third Reich.

In 2006 he was jailed after he attacked a group of Albanians with a knuckleduster while being filmed by another far-right extremist. In 2007 he broke the noses of two men, one with a kick, the other with a head-butt, and beat a drunken man so badly that he suffered concussion. He spent 16 months in jail for the assaults.

In January, he was again sentenced to three years and three months for a variety of other crimes. Nussbaumer appealed the sentence, arguing that he had been sentenced more harshly than others because of his neo-Nazi beliefs.

Swiss Nazi hunter Heinz Kaiser said: “The last time he was jailed it was for 44 different offences for which he got 39 months. Then he was released. But he is a ticking timebomb – he will commit violence again. He is very prominent in the far right scene where he gets the recognition that he doesn’t get anywhere else. He’s one of their key players.”

The Hamburg far right group the white wolves is regarded as one of the most violent of the neo-Nazi groups in Germany blamed for attacks on foreigners and the police.

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