10 American neo-Nazi group members arrested in Florida

Reports have emerged of a police raid in Osceola, Florida last weekend, which resulted in 10 members of neo-Nazi hate group American Front being arrested.

The arrests came in the wake of a two-year investigation by an undercover FBI agent who had infiltrated the group and alerted police of their plans to “murder immigrants and Jewish people.”

The Orlando Sentinel newspaper reported that the group was looking into producing ricin, a poisonous- s toxin made the seeds of the castor oil plant, in preparation for an ‘inevitable race war’.

According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the American Front – although not large – with only 17 known active members in Central Florida, is one of the longest surviving racist-skinhead groups in the country and have helped to make Orlando the ‘skinhead capital of Florida’.

“We have been concerned about the American Front presence in Central Florida for a very long time,” said Mark Pitcavage, director of investigative research for the ADL. “These are hard-core skinheads.”

The group appeared in the news in March 2011, when its long-standing leader, David Lynch, was shot to death outside his Calfornia home. This threw the organisation’s leadership into turmoil, until he was replaced by couple Marcus and Patricia Faella, who trained neo-Nazi members in hand-to-hand combat with AK-47 automatic rifles on property they owned hidden away in the forest.

The Faellas apparently hoped that by committing further high profile acts of violence, they would attract increased interest and members to their group. The Faellas were charged with several crimes, including one concerning ‘paramilitary training’.

Marcus Faella was formerly a member of the Confederate Hammerskins, another violent skinhead group that holds the largest presence in Central Florida.

Nine other suspected American Front members were arrested in addition to the Faellas, including Richard ‘Adam’ Stockdale – who describes himself as a ‘Swamp Nazi’ and was previously convicted in 2009 for choking a young Hispanic man unconscious whilst chanting ‘White power’ – and Chistopher J. Brooks, who was previously arrested for defacing a synagogue in April 2009.

Reproduced via – http://www.ejpress.org/article/57978


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