Neo-nazis gather from around Greece and storm ex-factory space undocumented migrants use for shelter


Nazi riot in Patra: Golden Dawn supporters chant “foreigners out of Greece” (video from local mainstream station)

21:55 GMT+2 Meanwhile, the situation at the southern front of Patras, by the new port, is escalating in a nazi riot, as allegedly a couple of hundred Golden Dawn supporters try to break through the police lines to reach the abandoned factory building of Peiraiki Patraiki used by undocumented migrants for shelter.

In the western city of Patras, the killing of 30-year old Thanasis Lazanas — possibly, as reported, by three Afghani males — last night saw a gathering of locals last night that was attempted, unsuccessfully, to be hijacked by members of the neo-nazi Golden Dawn. Today (May 22) members of the neonazi GD gathered from other Greek cities and marched to the abandoned factory space (Peiraiki Patraiki, opposite the new port). The nazis tried to storm the factory, brandishing crowbars and pelting rocks to the migrants inside the building.

More info as it comes.

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