Hundreds To Attend KKK Rally In North Carolina

Hundreds of people expected at an event in Harmony, N.C., are taking the “wearing white on Memorial Day weekend” credo to heart – the Ku Klux Klan.

Between 350 and 400 people are expected at a “whites only” rally this weekend in Harmony, billed as a “white unity event,” which is expected to end with a “cross lighting at dusk.”

The town, which has less than 600 people and not a single stop light, will host the biggest KKK event of the weekend in the home state of, what the FBI describes as being, a white supremacy extremist group. WBTV reports that the group published flyers to promote the preservation of the white race on the holiday weekend to kick off the summer. There is also expected to be a naturalization ceremony, initiating 20 new members from North Carolina into the group.

Harmony Mayor Joyce Rogers is opposed to the weekend rally. Police are prepared in case anything happens during the rally.

“We’re very against this coming to our town, because we have a very nice community,” Rogers told WBTV. “We get along in our community.”

Imperial Wizard Chris Barker, head of the Loyal White Knights, maintained the group’s insistence for pushing its message of betterment for the white race.

“The KKK has done a lot of good things over the years – helped a lot of people,” Barker told WBTV. “It’s a shame when someone is ‘White and Proud’ that they get labeled a racist.”

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