Bristol Calling 14/07/12

On the 14th July the EDL are proving their stupidity by attempting to march through Bristol. Bristol Anti-Fascists are hard at work organising a community response – here are some leaflets and stickers to view, print off, and distribute… have fun!! (drop us a mail if you can’t use the ones here and we can arrange to e-mail you the files in a different format.) More Info to follow closer to the time. Get involved innit!

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8 Responses to “Bristol Calling 14/07/12”
  1. londonlad says:

    lol bunch of cock sucking fascists is what you lot are nothing anti about ya you come at me and you’ll get a 8 inch blade in the throat and i’ll send you an all ya lil cock sucking fascist cunts home in body bags where you belong 🙂

  2. Mistry says:

    My money’s on “londonlad” being a 15 year old mummy’s boy who’s not allowed to play with sharp things in case the little precious hurts himself.

  3. So you counter what you see as fascism by using fascist tactics yourself? Doesnt that actually make the UAF the fascists? Also since when was a religion considered a race? The EDL has blacks, whites, jews, sikhs in their ranks, so how can they be racist? I dont expect this comment to remain for very long because the truth seems to be deleted at every turn when someone questions anything the UAF does.

    • Matthew Black says:

      Hi Wayne. So are you suggesting that if you fight back against fascists or other oppressors is makes you as bad as them? Does it make Britain fascists because we fought back against Hitler during the war? Please raise your analysis above that of a 5 year old Wayne. UAF?? what are you talking about? This group and the people within it are nothing to do with the UAF! Stay of the gear before engaging in discussion!

  4. im betting all those comments were written by one person


    i would like to know who made the photos as i want to sew them for calling the edl racist …how dare they…also why dont you like the fact that edl will stand up to the cowards of this country that wont address the real problems like musslim grooming gang??? ow yea its easier to call someone racist when you dont have anything else ha ha ha edl are not racists ha ha ha ha your funny i think you have a disorder called no one gives a fuck what you say as we know the truth that edl are not racists lol

    • Fray Bentos says:

      Thanks Gary, for your considered opinion. “Sew them for calling the EDL racist”. Do you mean ‘sue’? If so, good look with that! The EDL are not racists? I will not even dignify that statement with a response. No one gives a fuck about what we say? It begs the question why you are on this page responding to one of our posts. As clearly you give a fuck about what we say.

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