North West Infidels: Night of the Long Knives

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The other day I was sent an anonymous email telling me I should have a look at the Liverpool and Wirral North West Infidels Facebook page. Being a nosy so and so I went and had a look and watched with great amusement as this spat unfolded.

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As I reported here there is some serious discontent between the various factions of the Infidels and in-particular the admins of the Liverpool NWI page.

As you can see from the grab the self proclaimed proscription of Ste Latimer from the Infidels stirred up a bit of a Hornets nest and opened up a split between their own admins, and potentially a more serious split with the North East Infidels.

These were not just rank and file members of the North East Infidels.

Alienus Venator is Paul Duffy. Duffy was recently arrested by the North East Counter Terrorism Unit.

Sir-Northeast Markio is Mark Turnbull. A former BNP member from Gateshead who likes playing with gunsand was involved in the violence that occurred at the EDL demo in Leicester in 2010. Lily Doc Leaf is Turnbulls’ girlfriend.

Lee Pullen was jailed in February 2010 for assaulting a police officer and a breach of the peace.

This spat and the ongoing strengthening of ties between the National Front and Liverpool NWI’s should make the next demo lively.

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  1. Don’t you love it when they do the work for us?

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