Infidels of Britain: A Manifesto

If you thought that the Infidels of Britain are just a bunch of ignorant, knuckle dragging, boneheads, you would be correct. However,  in a move designed to add some substance and respectability to their ‘street’ antics, the Infidels have put down their copies of Mein Kampf, their bags of Charlie, and written a ‘Manifesto’. Here it is in its entirety:

It has been pointed out that the manifesto above is from a different web page from the ‘current; Infidels page. So here is the ‘current’ Manifesto / Policy statement of the Infidels of Britain.

3 Responses to “Infidels of Britain: A Manifesto”
  1. Akardy says:

    it’s sort of interesting how they combine left and right wing economic rhetoric in a fairly incoherent way……it’s also amusing that they don’t seem to understand that the bbc doesn’t have any advertising revenue…..

    but some of those economic points could of come from a socialist, others from a tory

  2. Brut says:

    You can really feel the pain of their two brain cells struggling with all the big words can’t you. Also, they haven’t quite grasped that Christianity was brought to the islands by immigrants and is not an ‘indigenous’ religion at all…

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