Mein Kampf Back in Print in Germany After 67 Years

Autobiography of Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, will again be available to students after the last copy printed 67 years ago in Germany.

German authorities have announced that the copyrights of Bavaria to the book Mein Kampf istuiču for three years, so it will be available to students across the country.Bavaria became the heir of Hitler’s works, property and money after his suicide in Berlin 1945th year. Bavaria has said that it is important to publish the book version for children together with expert analysis and commentary from historians will kill Hitler theology.

The book Mein Kampf is not illegal in Germany, but copying is not allowed for fear that it could promote Nazism. But Bavaria is now the rest of Germany has given permission to sell copies of books that talk about hatred of Jews and Slavs, and the prophecy of the invading German war in the east.

The book is a combination of Hitler autobiogradije and political ideology. The Nazi leader was a book he wrote while in prison after a failed coup 1923rd in Munich. Published in 1925. year. In it, Hitler showed his intolerance toward Jews and condemned their “twin” communism.

Hitler said that war is necessary to provide the German people living space at the expense of Jews and Slavs, who in his opinion were inferior. This explains why Hitler aggressively expanded to the east and Germany invaded Czechoslovakia and Poland. Then he attacked Russia.

Nazi leaders argued that Germany was better off with a parliamentary government, which was blamed for the difficult situation in the country.

“Issues that plan will include the comments of experts which are easily understandable, so that young people understand the dangerous idea,” said Bavarian Finance Minister Markus Nuremberg.

The book Mein Kampf is one time was prodavanija of the Bible, which made Hitler rich.

After the disappearance of Nazism, the government had always frightened the spread of this book and its impact on new generations. Emergence of the Internet are copies of the book Mein Kampf due to all parts of the world. Bavarian authorities believe that it is better to have some kind of control over the book once the government loses the right to copyright, but no.

Hitler in his book, showed contempt for the Jews, and revealed plans for the conquest of the Soviet Union and promised his followers that will create an empire that will last 1,000 years.

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