Panorama BBC1 28th May 20.30: Stadiums of Hate

With just days to go before the kick-off of the Euro 2012 championships, Panorama reveals shocking new evidence of racist violence and anti-semitism at the heart of Polish and Ukrainian football and asks whether tournament organiser UEFA should have chosen both nations to host the prestigious event.

Reporter Chris Rogers witnesses a group of Asian fans being attacked on the terraces of a Ukrainian premier league match and hears anti-Semitic chanting at games in Poland. And with exclusive access to a far right group in Ukraine which recruits and trains football hooligans to attack foreigners, Panorama asks: how safe will travelling football teams and their supporters be at this summer’s European festival of football?

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3 Responses to “Panorama BBC1 28th May 20.30: Stadiums of Hate”
  1. Eloise says:

    i think this is so totally sick! The worst part is, what are we doing? standing there and watching?! HORRIBLE!

  2. EvaW says:

    The document is deeply biased against Poland and Ukraine and based on a few episodes that could happen (and do happen) everywhere. Following such logic we should consider Britain not appropriate for hosting the Olympics Games because of last year’s riots which were of much greater scale than the incidents highlighted in this documentary.

    • Marmite says:

      No. The British riots were in no way connected with the Olympic games. What we have in Poland and the Ukraine is gangs of fascists who use football matches as a basis for organisation and as a means for spreading their sick beliefs.

      I have no doubt that the vast majority of Polish and Ukranian football supporters are ordinary, decent people who don’t beat up Asian students, don’t give the Hitler salute, and don’t want to see their countries overrun with nazis – again.

      The problem is that these things go on without the appropriate authorities taking appropriate action – as the programme highlighted.

      BTW., the programme is being repeated tomorrow morning (Friday) at 04-30, and is also available on BBC I-player. I strongly recommend anti-fascists everywhere to watch it.

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